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Korean Woman Shocks Netizens After Removing Her Makeup





The power of makeup is undeniable. It can totally transform a woman’s face, especially when it’s expertly applied. It’s no surprise that marketers spend millions promoting their cosmetic products – lots of women will do just about anything to look beautiful.

Do you need a solid proof of how good makeup skills can make a difference in one’s face? Well, you just need to see the difference when a woman takes her makeup off! This Korean girl did just that, applying makeup remover to her heavily made-up eyes. She rubs the cleaning pad vigorously on her eye area. When she removed the pad, the result is shocking.

Watch and see what she looks like without her eye makeup:

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That’s quite a transformation. But here we can see that Koreans really have the nicest skin and they look good (even better) without makeup on. Trust me, if I have that kind of skin, I’d totally do away with wearing makeup and go bare-faced all day.

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