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This Octopus Likes to Steal Shells. You’ll Be Amazed When You Find Out Why!





An octopus is not among my favorite animals in the animal kingdom. But then again, this mollusk is too smart to give any *bleep* about my opinion. So I’ll just keep it to myself.

No doubt, octopuses are smart animals. Do you remember one particular octopus that ambushed a poor crab? Well, this species of octopus is just as smart as that one, or maybe even smarter by a few IQ points.

Take a look at this veined octopus. Veined octopuses, also known as coconut octopuses, are famous for its uncanny behaviors such as bipedal walking and shell gathering. Why does it gather shells, you ask? Well, this smart octopus uses it for shelter so it can hide from predators and curious divers. Due to its shell-stealing tendencies, this octopus is fondly called a “kleptopus.”

The “kleptopus”.


Photo credit: Earth Touch

In the following video, you will see a veined octopus carefully choosing and gathering shells that will serve as its hideout. How this smart mollusk found and built its fort really amazed me!

Watch the “kleptopus” in action:

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H/T: Earth Touch

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