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She lost her 19-year-old Son in a Freak Accident, then She Heard this Over the Radio!

This Grieving Mom was in for a Surprise when Her Daughter Tuned into this Radio Station!

Ann Moises





Parents usually say that “no parent should ever have to bury their child”, but death is inevitable and we can’t control who lives or dies first.  The pain of the loss still lingers after months or even years of grieving. It’s just often too difficult for the families to move on. That’s how Michelle felt after losing her beautiful, 19-year-old son, Blaine in a freak accident at work last December. Her son’s tragic and untimely death was too much for her to bear, and she was just not quite ready to go back to work. But life goes must go on and she still has other her other children to take care of.

Then one day, as she and her family were on their way to a spa, she heard Kyle and Jackie O of  Sydney’s KIIS 1065 radio station give a detailed description of herself over the radio. It was time for the show’s popular “give back” segment. Jackie O could not contain her own emotions as she shared Michelle’s story to the listeners, and Michelle just broke into tears when she heard what the radio station had in store for her and her family.

Watch this heartbreaking video:

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H/T: SFGlobe, KIIS 1065

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He’s Been Stuck on a Wheelchair. Little Did He Know that He was About to do the Impossible!

Each and every one of us has a dream to do something extraordinary.

Bernadette Carillo



A trip to Paris, a very own Louis Vuitton, a big fat bank account and a top placer at the Forbes’ Richest Human world-wide. These are all just possible “wants” that usually dominate the New Year’s resolution. However, for nine-year-old Jason Smith, Jr., a touchdown is more than just enough to fulfill a life-time dream.

Coming from a family of football legacy, Jason dreams of continuing the family heritage and making for his own “run for the goal triumph”. With his father being a football coach and his twin brother on the team, Jason is willing to give up anything just to fulfill his dream. Unfortunately, his muscular dystrophy forced his dreams to step aside and has locked him in a wheelchair.

Fortunately, it was during the thrilling game of 2012, when all these things took a tremendous turn. Finally, his dad granted his wish and suited him up just in time to take part of the game. With just a few minutes left to spare, Jason was pushed by one of his teammates as they made the phenomenal run and made the ultimate touchdown. Teams from both sides congratulated him for a historic milestone. As a smiling Jason said, “It was very surprising.” Truly, this event is a new promising step to greater possibilities that will be held onto for a lifetime.

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Lucky Guy Finds Stash Of Cash In Second-Hand Car He Bought At A Police Auction

What would you do if you found this money?

Inah Garcia



No one can ever determine where and when luck can strike us. Some are just plain unlucky while others seem to have been fully awake when the heavens showered all the lucky rays in the world. Take this man for example - we don't know his name, his location, or any other pertinent information about him.

He might not even a 'he', for goodness' sake. It looks as if he has dissociated himself completely from the Internet after these photos took the social media by storm in 2013. But one thing is certain - this guy is the epitome of LUCK! Although this happened two years ago, we can't help but share this amazing story!

This man bought a second-hand car at a police auction after hearing that there are some great deals during these events.


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This Woman Never Knew How Her Husband Died. When She Finally Found Out, I Lost It!

Having a soldier for a husband sadly increases your chances to lose him in unexpected ways.

Inah Garcia



Losing a loved one is probably the most hurtful feeling one can ever have. But not being being able to know how, why and on what circumstances your loved one died is like death in itself. This is why we were so touched when we saw this video of a woman who lost her husband during the war. She never stopped wondering what truly happened, but it was only after 68 years that the truth was revealed to her.

This is indeed so touching in many ways! If we were in her situation, we would not know what to do. Being away from our boyfriend or girlfriend for a weekend is hard to take but, 68 years? That is just crazy!

Watch the video to see the big reveal:

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