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10 Reasons Kanye West Would Make an Interesting President

Considering that The Terminator became the governor of California and the Kings Row actor actually served as the 40th President of America, anything is possible in this free world.

Mini Malabanan




#8. Free Yeezy’s if he gets elected


Photo credit: Sneaker News

Even if there’s not much to expect from Kanye should he win the election, at least every American can get a pair of his expensive line of Adidas shoes.

#7. No more boring suits


Photo credit: Luxpresso

Tired of seeing Obama’s boring suits over and over again? That wouldn’t be a problem if you elect someone with his own clothing line, right?


People From Thailand Are Adopting Creepy Haunted Dolls For Luck and Prosperity

Look Thep dolls are said to bring prosperity and luck – and they’re also believed to be possessed by dead children’s spirits.

Mark Andrew



There’s just something about Look Thep dolls that just gives me the creeps. They may appear like ordinary dolls on the outset but if you stare long enough, you know they're the stuff of nightmares!

Apparently, people in Thailand are “adopting” these dolls and are cradling, feeding, and dressing them up like real children. What makes things terrifying though is the fact that these are haunted dolls that are believed to bring luck, prosperity, and happiness to its owner.

Dead children’s spirits are invited to possess the Look Thep dolls through ancient rituals.

thailand-haunted-dolls 1

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12 “Closed” Signs That Are Outrageously Funny

The following is a collection of amusing “Closed” signs that will either leave you confused or make you laugh out loud.

Ann Nuñez



Imagine this: you're on your way to your favorite coffee shop after a tiring day at work and you don't want to do anything but drown your stress in caffeine and pastries. But lo and behold, when you reach the shop you see it's completely dark and there's an ominous sign up front, saying, "The shop will be closed until unicorns can be proven to exist". Frustrating, right? But when you think about it, it's pretty funny too.

The following is a collection of amusing "Closed" signs that will either leave you confused or make you laugh out loud.

Someone needs to be potty-trained.


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Intriguing Footage of Multiple UFO Descending From Space

A group of people witnessed unidentified objects in the sky appearing to land.

Ann Moises



Do aliens exist? From the enigmatic hieroglyphs etched in Peru's Nazca Desert to the alleged spaceship that crashed in Roswell, scientists and ordinary people have done their fair share of investigations just to prove (and disprove) the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Who could blame them? Until now there have been reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and mysterious lights that appear in the sky. Of course, aside from saying that the UFO is just another weather balloon, nobody can fully explain these phenomena. Moreover, people still want to believe that there are more advanced life forms in the universe than us.

Last August 27, 2015, another strange occurrence was filmed by a group of people and it was uploaded by YouTube user Flibuster One. In the footage, you'll see lights descending and hovering in the sky, giving the audience some thrill as they watch the "show".

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