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Cry Happy Tears With This Christmas Advertisement About A Man On The Moon

This John Lewis’ 2015 Christmas advertisement is a must-watch.

Jessa Ventures





Christmas is just around the corner and the best way to celebrate it is to be with our loved ones. Some are lucky to spend this important time of the year with their family, friends and significant other but, not everyone gets that chance. There are those working and living across the globe while others without a family to come home to.

Meanwhile, John Lewis’ 2015 Christmas advertisement is a surefire way to welcome the yuletide season. In partnership with Age UK, the advertisement pays tribute to older people who have to spend Christmas alone. Noting each year’s highly-anticipated Christmas commercial, John Lewis has never failed to tug at our heartstrings. Moreover, it has successfully delivered its message to its viewers–the essence of Christmas which is “giving love.”

“It’s about storytelling through music and emotion. The sentiment behind that hasn’t changed – and that is quite intentional. The strategy behind our campaigns is always about thoughtful gifting,” Rachel Swift, head brand marketing at John Lewis said.

The 2-minute film features a little girl named Lily who was looking at the moon through a family telescope.


Photo credit: John Lewis

One night, she was surprised to discover a lonely man on the moon. In an attempt to let him know that someone is thinking of him, Lily tried waving, sending messages using her bow and arrow and even paper planes but to no avail.

On Christmas, the “man on the moon” received a package attached to some helium balloons.


Photo credit: John Lewis

When he opened it, he discovered a gift–a telescope from the little girl which he uses to spot her back to the earth. Overwhelmed with joy, a tear from his eyes fell, content to know that he is remembered, loved and never alone.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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Such an awe-inspiring story indeed, just in time for Christmas.

Credits: John Lewis

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