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This Tiny Dancer Grooves to Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT and it is Mighty Fierce!

Don’t be fooled by the pink tutu and the prim and proper look! Must watch!


Kids dancing are always a pleasure to watch. Aside from the quirky dance moves they make, their cute faces and smiles are all so adorable! While some videos online only showcase funny movements that are expected from kids their age, a few are packed with raw talent. But in this viral video we found online, not only did the featured kid exhibited amazing dance moves and cuteness, she also showed what not all kids her age can master — the attitude.

In a tap dance recital clip, Johanna, together with two more dancers graced the stage with a beautiful pink ensemble that is all too cuddly. But when Aretha Franklin’s song, Respect started playing, we knew we were in for a treat. True enough, Johanna worked it like a pro! Her fierce facial expressions and attitude were amazing!

Watch the video here:

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Johanna surely has a long way to go but we think we just laid our eyes on a future superstar! What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!


This Mushroom House, Dubbed as a Historic Landmark, is the Perfect Mix of Eccentric and Posh!

Mushroom house is surprisingly chic and sophisticated inside!

We all have our dream houses. Some of us have wild visions for our the perfect home, especially if we have a knack for things weird and eccentric. For example, dog-lovers may want to have a dog-themed house as well - may it be through furniture, wallpapers and overall design, an enthusiast will surely want to inject his/ her own passion to the ultimate house.

We found this video presentation of a real estate company, which showcases what is called, "The Mushroom House," or "The Pod House". From the outside, we can see that it is indeed inspired by the wild plant. It is shaped like a mushroom, designed like a mushroom and yes, named after a mushroom. The house has created so much impact that it has become a historic landmark in the town of Perinton in 1989.

Watch the presentation here:

What do you think? Would you buy this house? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

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Two New Math Problems Driving The Internet World Insane.

Two new math problems giving everyone on the internet such a hard time solving.

This 'math craze' has been getting quite an attention recently and it's driving the people 'nuts.' A few months ago, we found out about a logical reasoning problem which instantly went viral after giving everyone a headache and a hard time solving.

Meanwhile, two new mind blowing math problems have surfaced online once again. The first one is visual logic problem which seems easy until you learn both the answer and explanation behind this question, 'Which is the odd one out and why? Now are you up for the challenge?

Two new math problems instantly went viral again. The first problem asks, 'Which is the odd one out and why?'


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His Girlfriend Asked Him to Watch Her Tortoise While She’s Away. What He Did was Unexpected!

We’re absolutely sure he gave his girlfriend’s pet a “boys night out” he wouldn’t forget.


When this Redditor Consent-van's girlfriend went to have a vacation, she had one request: to take care of her pet tortoise and “keep him out of trouble”.

As the saying goes “while the cat’s away, the mouse will play”, so did the unlikely duo. Without his girlfriend’s knowledge, he did some fishy activities with his girlfriend's pet. As seen in the photos, the reptile was caught drunk-driving, sniffing "drugs", and watching tortoise por. We’re absolutely sure he gave the tortoise a “boys night out” he wouldn’t forget.

Tortoises are generally regarded to have the longest lifespan of any animals. In fact, Guinness World Records’s title holder for the world’s oldest tortoise is Tui Malila, who lived for 189 years.

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