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Naked Woman Walks Around The Mall Wearing Nothing But Body Paint





If a naked woman walked around a public place, chances are, everybody will immediately take notice of her, right? It’s basically impossible for anyone to miss such a scandalous image, right?

Well apparently, things can get a bit unpredictable when some body paint is involved in the process. As we can see in the prank video below, a professional body painter worked with a model to find out how people will react if she walked around a mall naked.

Would people notice if a woman walked without clothes in a mall? This artist and this model wanted to know!

Professional body painter Jen Seidel painted model Maria Luciotti to conceal her nude body. The task took about 3 hours to complete. Shortly afterwards, they went to shopping center and tried to capture the reactions of various mall-goers.

Aside from pasties, a thong, a hat, and a scarf, Maria was practically naked.

Jen, who is also known on social media as Jen the Body Painter, got a little help from her daughter as they painted a black top and a pair of ripped jeans on Maria’s body.

The entire process took almost 3 hours to finish…

… and it’s officially done!

Jen the Body painter (left) together with her daughter and model Maria Luciotti (center).

“We walked around a mall to see if we could fool any of the people working in clothing stores,” Jen wrote on YouTube. “Some unexpected things happened.”

Watch the video here and see what exactly happened:

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Well how do you think you would react if you came across this body-painted woman? Would you be surprised? Would you immediately grab your phone? Let us know in the comment section below!

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