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Japanese Vending Machine Dispenses Fresh Pizzas For 24 Hours A Day





Vending machines these days are mostly good for more than just a soda and bag of chips. Since Japan is known for having a lot of unique items, they decided to add pizza to the mix!

The vending machine in Hiroshima, called Pizza Self, is available for 24 hours a day. It presents two distinct varieties of the private-sizing dish: vintage Margherita for about $8.85 and 4-cheese for $11.56.

The pizza vending machine noted that it dispenses “fresh out of the oven” pizza.

Source: Twitter

The fresh-made pizza smell that floats from the machine reportedly attracts crowds to the area. Not surprisingly, the pizza vending machine quickly garnered a lot of attention from curious buyers.

Ording a pizza is quite easy. Just choose from the selection, Neapolitan-style Margherita or Quattro Formaggio pizza, pay for it on the slot, wait for five minutes, and that’s it. The pizza will then be dispensed in a box, complete with a palstic bag and pizza cutter.

In just five minutes, you can enjoy your pizza.

Source: Twitter

The unique concept makes the pizza vending machine a total hit. Pizza Self also happens to be conveniently located in front of a video store. Delicious or not, the unique style is enough to try it out.

Customers took to Twitter to share their pizza vending machine experience. One said, “ It has blue cheese on it! It’s pretty legit!” and they also added that the pizza “betrayed their expectations in a good way.”

Despite the nearby Domino’s and Pizza Hut locations, people are still drawn to Pizza Self because it offers a much different experience.

Source: Twitter

With five million vending machines nationwide, Japan has the highest density of the convenience machines in the world. The country offers machines that can dispense soft drinks, coffee, tea, cigarettes, sweets, hot food, beer and a lot more.

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