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Japanese Guy Makes Action Figures Come to Life in Amazing Photos

This photographer’s action figures come to life in funny and awesome scenarios.

Mark Andrew





A little confession: I recently rekindled my love for action figures. Sure, I’ve always loved superheroes but it’s only recently that I started collecting toys with my son. And we’re actually having a blast! I get to introduce my boy to my favorite heroes and villains plus we get to play with the toys during our free time.

So imagine my joy and thrill when I stumbled upon the work of Japanese photographer who goes by the name Hot.kenobi on the internet. His stuff is phenomenal and mind-blowing!

Based in Osaka, Japan, this awesome guy creates scenes and stories using his action figures and then captures them on camera. He has everything from Marvel and DC Comics characters, to Star Wars and even Street Fighter.

What makes his photos brilliant is that they depict fun scenarios (Batman and Superman smashing soda cans, Captain America and Iron Man in that iconic La La Land pose, etc) and serious shots (Jyn Erso and K2-SO having a conversation while walking) that look like they’re taken straight from a movie clip.

Go scroll down below and see for yourself:



















































To be frank, I admire this guy for all the effort and detail he puts in bringing his toys to life. The pictures are quite entertaining, to say the least, and I particularly enjoyed the hilarious ones!

If case you are interested to hunt down these same toys and try your hand at action figure photography, you may look for those manufactured by Hasbro (Marvel Legends and Star Wars), MAFEX, Bandai (SH Figuarts) and Hot Toys. Just be prepared to smash some money since these toys have gotten really pricey lately. The rule of the game is: the better the articulation and the greater the detail, the higher the price tag.

Meanwhile, those who want to check out more of Hot.kenobi’s stuff can go follow him over at his Instagram account.


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