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An Entire School Made a Special Surprise for This Janitor. It Left Him in Tears!





Janitorial work is essential and a valuable job, in all offices and establishment; we need them to ensure cleanliness and sanitation at all times.

Janitorial work is sometimes viewed as menial or insignificant job but this kind of work is difficult as it requires hard working individual. They are needed and wanted, so we should always appreciate and acknowledge their good services.

They are the cleaning people who provide all things for us; they make our daily lives comfortable, make our tasks easier as they keep the surroundings clean and organize.

An elementary school prepared a huge surprise for their school janitor as appreciation for his great service.

An elementary school prepared a huge surprise for their school janitor as appreciation for his great service.

The entire elementary school decided to give credit and recognize the hard work of their school janitor by preparing a sweet surprise for him. According to the teachers and students, Mr. Patton, school janitor makes everyone smile every day.

According to them, Mr. Patton is not just a janitor but a person who does more than his job and is dedicated in taking care of the children and attending to their needs in school. So the students made colourful cute banners that were placed in the gym of their school to give credit for all his efforts, all students and teachers gathered and assembled in the gym to surprise their school janitor.

The principal asked Mr. Patton to go to the gym to clean a “major spill”, but as he enters the door and sees the surprise; he was touched and became emotional by the effort of the entire school to make him feel valued and appreciated.

He was in tears while the crowd was cheering, congratulating him and telling him how great he has been to them. Mr. Patton was teary eyed, as well as the teachers and some students. Everybody was happy and excited.

He also received a cheque amounting to $3,000 as a token of appreciation for his dedication, hard work and valuable job.

Watch the Touching Surprise for Mr. Patton:

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Mr. Patton said,
“It feels good. I can have a good weekend, go home knowing that my job really does matter. To show you what love is, this was love.”

It feels so great to see people doing an extra effort to make someone feel special and valued. Appreciation will boost the energy of employees and it will inspire them to continue doing great.

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