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5 Short Horror Stories That Are Better Than Most Scary Movies

The fact that these stories are each made with two sentences only is already fascinating.


Halloween is just a few days away. Some of you might be celebrating it with your kids (Trick or Treats!) or binge-watch scary movies. Either way, we all know that “seasonal literature” is also a great thing to do – especially if it is effective enough to scare the living soul out of you.

Thanks to New York-based artist and CollegeHumor head illustrator Jacob Andrews, our craving for horror stories might just be fulfilled. His short series of terrifying comics are perfectly crafted for horror’s sake. He features texts from the afterlife, a dog that loves digging up bones, and unwelcome intruders. And despite offering few frames, these stories manage to unsettle even the bravest of readers.

So if you’re ready to dive into a terrifying experience, scroll down below and read some of Jacob’s works. We double dare you to share it your friends, so you can also scare them. You can thank us later, of course!

#1. The Dog

#2. Text From Afterlife

#3. Surviving a Fall

#4. Beneath the Sea

#5. The Doorknob’s Sound

Basically, Andrews got these two-sentence horror stories from Reddit. He just gave them life by illustrating and making them into a scary comic series. Although these works gave him a huge bump, he is still well-known for his site called, For a Lack of Better Comic. Not only does he create scary stuff, but he also illustrates optical illusions and funny reads – all crafted into comics.

For those who want to check Jacob and his works, you can follow him on Twitter and/or like him on Facebook.

So, what do you think about these short horror stories? Did they scare the living heck out of you? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


Old Woman Given A Free Ride In A Jeepney Driven By Long Lost Lover She Can’t Remember

The old woman tried her best to remember who the man was but she just couldn’t.

It’s wonderful to love someone and be loved in return. But even if that feeling is not reciprocated, a few people are still capable of loving someone unconditionally. Such is the story of a jeepney (popular public transportation/passenger bus) driver from Iloilo, Philippines, who has been secretly in love with a woman for decades.

The story was shared on Facebook by Ira, who happened to be one of the passengers in the said vehicle. The heartwarming story quickly went viral and you’ll understand why after reading it.

An old woman riding the jeep paid the fare but the driver didn’t accept it and returned it instead. The driver was mumbling about letting her ride for free but since she can no longer see or hear clearly and so she didn’t understand what was happening. One of the passengers offered to explain to her that she need not pay her fare.

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A Forgotten Savings Account Set Up By Mom Made A Couple Reflect On Their Marriage

Couple about to get divorced realizes what is more worth saving than money.

A successful and happy marriage doesn't just happen, it needs work. It's not a walk in the park nor a bed of roses but a lifetime commitment anchored with love, patience, understanding and whatnot. There is no such thing as a 'perfect formula' to a lasting marriage either, but a great support system is always one important and helpful ingredient.

Now here is an interesting story that will, somehow change the way we look at marriage. Posted by InspireMore, here's a glimpse of the realities, highs and lows as well as the bumps and curves of married life that many couples can relate to and learn from.

What is really worth saving?

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Female Morgue Worker Got Pregnant By Male Corpse

One time, during a late shift, Jessica set eyes on an attractive dead male body.

Working in a morgue and being surrounded by corpses sure is freaky, especially if you have an incredibly fertile imagination. It wouldn't be surprising if visions of ghosts and the dead coming back to life constantly haunt you. However, some say that if you get used to it, all those scary thoughts eventually go away.

But what if you get too used to working in a morgue and you get too comfortable with dead bodies, and so you begin to think of them in an erotic way? Okay people, make way for necrophilia.

Necrophilia has existed centuries ago, as evidenced by written texts from ancient Egypt and artifacts from other ancient civilizations. It begins when one develops sexual attraction with a corpse, and then feels the need to act on such sexual urges. In 1989, psychiatrists Jonathan Rosman and Philip Resnick found out that the primary motivation for it is the idea of possessing a partner who does not resist nor reject them.

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