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Italian Restaurant Owner’s Response To Harsh TripAdvisor Review Is Just SAVAGE

I think I found my new hero.


When it comes to food, we all have a few controversial preferences, whether we like to admit it or not. Despite knowing that what we like may differ from other people, we still read the reviews and sometimes base our decisions on that. With that said, review sites like TripAdvisor can make or break an establishment.

TripAdvisor can be a bit hit and miss. Even if a bar or restaurant does get a good review, it’s not always guaranteed to be that great or vice versa.

So when an angry diner posted a raging TripAdvisor review about not getting the cheese they wanted on their crab ravioli, the restaurant owner posted an epic response to the customer’s complaint.

In a post which was originally shared last year and has since picked up traction on social media, a man went on a lengthy rant about Maximo Cafe Bistrot, in Kennington, south London, saying it was “second to cow dung” over a dispute revolving around parmesan cheese and seafood.

However, one thing we have to remember here is that some restaurants just aren’t going to be willing to put their culinary reputations on the line to cater to your peculiar preferences, but one Maximo Cafe Bistrot customer complained anyway.

Unknown to him, the owner of the restaurant read the review and didn’t take kindly to this criticism and went on to explain why they wouldn’t give the man the cheese as it would have basically ruined the meal.

The owner said he had “no words” about the customer’s “rudeness” and “silly request.” He then went on to teach him a couple of rules when ordering in an”authentic Cucina Italiana.”

The Maximo Cafe Bistrot owner then enumerated the rules:

“NEVER ask for pineapple on pizza;
NEVER put cream on your Carbonara;
NEVER ask for any Alfredo pasta (who is Alfredo anyway?);
NEVER put chicken on arrabbiata:

He then ended his epic post with, “Try Parmesan on cow dung, it should taste fine for you.”

Mic drop.


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