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9 Islands That Were Forgotten In Time

What went wrong with these places?






With many people swarming to get into the city, there are islands that are abandoned. These places would have made a beautiful history and culture of its own but were never given a chance to develop.

Whether it is because of nature or works of the human hands, these places were left behind by the evolution of human race and technology. Let’s take a look at these nine deserted places where the hands of time froze.

#1. Hirta, Scotland, UK

It’s nhabited for about two millennia by a population of probably never exceeding 180 people.

This island, most extensive in the St Kilda archipelago in the western part of Scotland, evacuated its entire community in 1930 due to disease and outside influence.

#2. Holland Island, Maryland, USA

The Holland island, located at western Salisbury, was once inhabited by watermen and farmers.

It had around 360 residents who were forced to move to the mainland in 1914. This was because of the gradual erosion of the western part of the island, where houses are located, caused by the wind and tide.

#3. North Brother Island, New York, USA

Home of the Riverside Hospital before it closed in 1940, it was the place where smallpox victims are taken to be treated and isolated.

It became a nesting colony of Black-crowned Night Heron from 1980 to 2000. However, in 2011, the species also abandoned the place.

#4. Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

Twenty-three nuclear devices were detonated between 1946 and 1958 in the Bikini Atoll.

The inhabitants were relocated due to the radiation that made it living in the area impossible.

#5. Hashima Island, Japan

Most commonly called as Gunkanjima, Hashima island is populated as a coal mining facility.

It has become one of 505 uninhabited islands of Nagasaki prefecture. Because of its coal mines, the island was bought by Mitsubishi in 1890 aiming to retrieve coal from its underwater mines.

#6. Great Blasket Island, Ireland

Great Basket was sold to the state.

The Irish government decided to abandon the island in 1953 when the safety of the remaining population is no longer guaranteed.

#7. Stroma, Scotland, UK

A Caithness farmer owned the island and used it to graze sheep.

Once populous, this uninhabited island located at the northern coast of the Scottish mainland is owned by a Caithness farmer who uses it to feed sheep. Sometime in 1962, the last two families left the island, whcih has become a conservation area to protect rare plants from sheep.

#8. Great Isaac Cay, Bahamas

Located about 20 miles of the Bimini island, it is only accessible by boat.

Its lighthouse, built in 1859, is the most prominent feature of the island. It was abandoned by its two keepers, and its stairs are now removed to keep people from ruining its structure.

#9. Pollepel Island, New York, USA

Pollepel Island features the site of an abandoned military warehouse known as Bannerman’s Castle.

Vandalism, trespassing, neglect and decay caused the place to be in ruins.

These deserted islands may have been forgotten in time, but it’s never too late to restore the beauty it once held in its glory days.

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