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Hilarity Ensues As Man Gets Instant Karma After Kicking Filipino ‘Jesus’





The Philippines is known for being the top Christian nation in Asia, with around 90% of its population being adherents. The Roman Catholic religion remains the most dominant in the nation and so Filipinos hold many traditions and practices rooted in their faith.

For example, the country celebrates Christmas unlike any other. Just imagine – they start playing carols in malls and radio stations as early as September! The festivities go on until the first Sunday of January, otherwise known as the Feast of The Three Kings.

Pretty hardcore, you say? Well, wait until you hear about how they observe Holy Week!

Some Filipino devotees, especially in the province of Pampanga, commemorate the sacrifice and sufferings of Jesus Christ by inflicting pains unto themselves. Some even go as far as getting crucified as an expression of repentance for their sins.

Seeing devotees on the streets, dressed in robes and crown of thorns is a common sight during Holy Week. Most of the time, they either hit their backs with whips or they have someone else to do it for them.

The viral video below shows us a Filipino ‘Jesus Christ’ being kicked by four men.

Shared on Facebook by the Filipino page, the short footage shows us four men taking turns kicking a devotee’s back. As you can imagine, the clip looked pretty brutal until things took an unexpected – and hilarious – turn.

Watch the video here and see what happens:

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Since it was first uploaded, the funny footage has attracted thousands of views, shares, and comments on social media. The exact location and the identities of the people involve, however, were left unrevealed.

I don’t know about you but if you ask me, this one is a proof that it’s definitely a wrong idea to mess with Jesus!

Here’s another epic fail moment.

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