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Guy Gets Bashed After Risking His Girlfriend’s Life for Instagram Pics

“The level of attention-seeking is just pathetic,” one critic said.

  • Instagram couple Kelly Castille and Kody Workman have attracted a lot of negative comments after posing for two photos on their account.
  • Many of their followers have accused the couple of risking their lives for Instagram likes.
  • Meanwhile, some fans also defended the couple, admiring the “love and trust” the have for each other.

Kody Workman, the other half of Instagram couple KELLY + KODY, is currently in hot water after several of their followers reacted negatively to two of their recent photos. Apparently, netizens are accusing him of “always risking his girlfriend’s life” for social media likes.

The two pictures, one taken at a cliff’s edge in Humantay Lagoon (Peru) and the other at a 3-storey pool in Ubud Bali (Indonesia), both shows Kody holding Kelly Castille in dangerous scenarios.

Romantic or plain stupid?

The travel bloggers have since attracted mixed reactions from the public as they posted the images on Instagram. One of the commenters pointed out how Kody is often in “a safe spot” while Kelly is usually at great risk while another wrote that the snapshot is “unbelievably irresponsible.”

A fan, however, defended that the pictured showed “the deep love and trust” that the couple have for each other.

“The level of attention-seeking is just pathetic,” one critic said.

In response to all the bashing against Kody, Kelly defended that she is responsible for her own actions and even admitted that the hazardous poses were her ideas in the first place.

A follower agreed and commented “If you don’t have haters, you aren’t living the right way!”

Of course, the topic eventually led to a discussion about the role of influencers. Although Kelly and Kody often post positive messages, people are saying they should also exhibit good behavior among their fans. Therefore, observing basic safety when taking pictures is something they should never take for granted – because people are watching them.


Japanese Clerk Uses Photographic Memory To Memorize 1,300 Credit Card Numbers

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  • According to reports, Taniguchi may have 'photographic memory' so he was able to steal client data without using any machines.
  • He is now under police custody.

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