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Improve Your Life In 2017 By Following These 5 Tricks


Now that 2016 is over, for sure, most of us have already listed our New Year’s resolutions even if some of these have become cliché already. So, we are sharing you five little ways to improve your life in 2017.

1. Find a routine that will put you in a good mood.

Starting today, think of an activity that will put you on focus. You can either start meditating, reading a new good book, take an early walk or exercise. You may also condition your mind to think about the things that will make you happy and grateful about life. This way, you can definitely start your day right!

2. Drop all the negative thoughts inside your head.

“It’s all in the mind,” most people say. Well, it is actually true. What you think is definitely what you will get.

If you keep on entertaining negative thoughts, then, there is a huge possibility that you will have a bad day!

3. Maintain a work-life balance.

Committing to a balance life is easier said than done. Starting this year, you should start use your time wisely. Try to leave your workplace on time and do not take your office works at home. Learn to say no, if needs be. Just do your best in everything but never try hard to please everyone.

4. Feel free to unfriend, block and mute some friends in social media.

Source: Pixabay

We cannot deny the fact that most stress we have now come from our friends and activities on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. If you think this is giving you toxic, do not prevent yourself to use the mute, unfriend and block buttons especially when some of your friends are starting to get infuriating. You may also opt to delete your social media apps.

5. Communicate more with your loved ones.

Source: Steve Polyak

Work or school can be demanding at times but don’t you ever forget spending time with your favorite people. Having moments with your loved ones do not only relieve stress as it also a perfect time for you to vent and solicit advice.

Life can never be perfect but you can make your life worthwhile. Just remember that “balance is the key.”


5 Money-Saving Tips That Could Help You Get Richer This Year

Saving money is easier said than done but these tricks will totally help you achieve your financial goals this year!

Admit it or not, most of us, if not all, are having a hard time saving money even if we earn more than what we actually need. Spending less to save more money is easier said than done especially now that holiday sales are not over yet. So, to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution here are some surefire money-saving tricks you should try this year.

1. Bring lunch from home

Sounds familiar, right? This is one of the most common money savings advice most of us hear from the elders and, yet, it is the most effective one. You might have higher grocery bills but bringing sandwich, chips or a piece of fruit from home can really help you save.

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6 Rules of Being an Effective Social Climber

If you’re not one of the rich and famous, here’s how you can at least act like you are!

We can't all be born with silver spoons in our mouths and this is nothing to be ashamed of. But just because we're not filthy rich, that doesn't mean we can't fit into the social circles of those who are rich. So if you want to wiggle your way into rubbing elbows with people who make more dough that you can imagine, here's how you can pull that off without embarrassing yourself.

1. Be polite and well-mannered.

Be as refined as you can be with your gestures and words. Don't be brash and loud-mouthed, as this will only make the more genteel types be wary of you. Instead, be as polite as you can be (without being over the top!), and make sure your movements are as refined as possible.

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This Awesome Hack Will Help You Quickly Find Kids Lost in a Crowd

Afraid that your kids might get lost in a crowd? Check this out!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and a lot of families around the world are poised to take their vacations, be it local or international. There may be plans to visit bazaars, fairs, festivals, or amusement parks - and hey, we should get real - these places are often too crowded for our taste. But who cares, right? It's time to celebrate!

However, in reality, crowded places present a challenge for parents in terms of keeping their children safe and secure. Not once have we seen lost kids crying out for their moms.

So if you are among those parents who wish to avoid such predicament, here is an awesome tip for you, courtesy of Cherise McClimans, a mother and an active blogger.

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