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The Harsh Reality of Life and Society as Shown in Photos

Are you guilty of these?


The society we live in is fast-paced and always changing. What is haute couture now may be fashion faux pas in just a few seasons; similarly, technology that is hot and in-demand today may not be in a few months’ time. Even the professions we have now are evolving pretty fast; our children’s jobs in the future may not be existing yet and our current jobs may be phased out pretty soon. Yes, this is the type of world we live in – where we are forced to adapt to the changes happening all around us – from fashion to technology, to yep, even eating habits.

One cause of the changes we observe in our society today is the advent of the internet. Because of it, communication became more efficient, education became more accessible, and our daily lives just about easier (albeit lazier). A caveat, though: this technological development is a double-edged sword. While we are empowered by the information that is easily accessible at our fingertips, we also tend to become enslaved by it. Case in point: how many people have you seen in restaurants so engrossed with taking photos of their food and tinkering with their hand-held devices that they forget the importance of human interaction?

These poignant and highly striking photos illustrate just that – the ironies and harsh realities of our society today. Scroll down and see how many you are guilty of.

When a person becomes a slave of social media:


Photo credit: ThatScoop
When cigarettes smoke you and not the other way around


Photo credit: ThatScoop
Shallow relationships


Photo credit: ThatScoop
On death, violence, and social media


Photo credit: ThatScoop
How to choose a partner:


Photo credit: ThatScoop
This is how our future behaves…


Photo credit: ThatScoop
What do you mean freedom of expression?


Photo credit: ThatScoop
How to make generic humans


Photo credit: ThatScoop
Branding by religion


Photo credit: ThatScoop
How do likecoholics smell? They smell like desperation.


Photo credit: ThatScoop
When people base their substance on the amount of selfies taken and likes generated…


Photo credit: ThatScoop
Here’s media, having a field day “brainwashing”


Photo credit: ThatScoop
When you no longer appreciate the smell of a newly-opened book…


Photo credit: ThatScoop
How to spend your time wisely…


Photo credit: ThatScoop
When restaurant-goers become instant photographers…


Photo credit: ThatScoop

Sometimes words and ideas are best expressed with images.



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