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Research Identifies the ‘Ideal Age Gap’ for a Lasting Relationship

The study suggests age does matter.


We often hear that in love, age doesn’t matter. A lot of people also say that the heart wants what it wants. But these do not seem to be the case according to a recent study. According to a study by the Emory University in Atlanta, the bigger the age difference in a romantic relationship, the higher the chances of separation.

The researchers analyzed 3,000 people for the study, and they found that couples with a five-year age gap were 18 percent more likely to separate than couples of the same age. For couples with an age gap of 10 years, the likelihood for separation rose to 39 percent. For couples with a 20-year age gap, it rose to 95 percent.

A study by the Emory University in Atlanta tried to determine the ideal age gap for a lasting relationship.

The ‘ideal’ age gap doesn’t seem like much of a gap at all, it turns out.

According to the study, a one-year age gap leads to a very small chance of separation, at merely 3 percent. Hugo Mialon, one of the researchers behind the study, told The Independent:

“It could just be that the types of couples with those characteristics are the types of couples who are, on average, more likely to divorce for other reasons.”

The study suggests that the higher the age gap between lovers, the likelier they are to separate.

A lot of people will disagree, of course, as most of us have surely met couples with big age gaps but are in successful relationships. There might have also been factors, other than age, that affected the outcome of the study.

Do you agree with the results of the study? Does age gap matter a lot to you in a relationship? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.


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