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Husband Surprised His Wife With A Trip To England. Her Reaction was Priceless!





I have always loved wonderful surprises no matter what they are. Especially if it is something you have been wanting for a very long time and was not expecting to have it anytime soon.

I find this video uploaded by Rob Wiltsey so heartwarming! He gave his wife what seems to be a scrapbook showing places in London they would love to visit in the future, or so that was what she thought. A couple of pages after – she finds a travel ticket for them!  With an actual date! Her moving reaction just made all his efforts worthwhile. And just when she thought that the trip to London was the highlight of his gift, there was still more to come.

Watch the heartwarming video!

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Take a look – doesn’t this make you appreciate your loved ones more and fall in love over and over again?

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H/T: Daily Picks & Flicks

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