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Her Husband Hid an EPIC Secret in these Huge Sacks. What’s Inside? She’s SPEECHLESS.





Pranks are hilarious, enjoyable and very amusing. Though sometimes, it gets a little bit below the belt and has the tendency to turn into bullying, it is still one heck of a practical joke that will never get old. But what if the prank is intended for you? What will be your reaction?

Roman Atwood, a certified and famous prankster, is fond of creating hilarious public prank videos which he uploaded in YouTube. His pranks has garnered more than 700 million views and 1.5 million subscribers. He pulls pranks on almost anybody and recently, that includes his wife. Yup, you heard me right. He also pulls prank on his own wife! Well, it runs in the family.

While Roman’s wife was out shopping, he asked his friends to help him fill the whole first floor of their house with plastic balls of different colors. He also blocked the front with massive plastic balls to really surprise his wife who was already on her way home. It was intended to be a prank but it turns into a sweet surprise.

Watch the cool video:

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Prankster husband or best dad ever?

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