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“OMG! The Poor Turkey Was Pregnant” Girl Burst Into Tears On This Thanksgiving Prank.





Spending quality time with family, preparing and eating your favorite foods are what most people look forward each year on Thanksgiving Day.

Unfortunately, a hilarious Thanksgiving prank by your mischievous mother is perhaps something you would never expect, especially an elaborate one that involved a “pregnant turkey”.

This video started innocently with a mom filming her daughter preparing some delicious turkey and stuffing for the occasion. But Raquel, the victim of the prank, didn’t realize the surprise waiting deep inside the turkey as she removed spoonfuls of stuffing from the bird.

Watch the priceless reaction of Raquel as she freaks out believing she just roasted a pregnant turkey!

Watch the hysterical video below:

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It’s difficult to decide which one is funnier; the daughter’s reaction to discovering a tiny bird stuffed inside the turkey or the fact that she thinks birds can be pregnant.

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