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A Husband’s Hilarious Way of Celebrating His Wife’s Victory Winning A Race

Will he be sleeping on the couch tonight?






Making fun of each other is natural for all couples. Reddit user Zachirino and his wife are no different. Zach Photoshopped a funny picture of his wife and uploaded it on the web.

The picture Zach edited and uploaded was from the official race photo where her wife ran her first 5k race. Not only was it the first race she ran on, but she also won in her age group. To celebrate the memorable occasion, Zach couldn’t resist but play with the photo and made a hilarious result out of it.

The fierce photo with an intense look on her face is perfect for a funny subject.

Source: TwitedSifter

With the enhancement of little tweaks of software and some suggestions from his wife, his imagination worked like magic. He inserted her into some of our favorite movies and it turned out to be really funny. Check them all out here.

#1 A muggle running away from the spell of the evil Lord Voldemort.

#2 Take the chance to get away from Jack Sparrow while a tribe is chasing him.

#3 Maybe she got lost and encountered a hungry dinosaur in the wild.

#4 Caught causing an explosion in the desert of Star Wars.

#5 Escaping an attack from a wild monster in the city.

#6 She must have done something really bad to be pursued by a police officer.

#7 Leading Rick away from the scary walking dead.

#8 She got a long way ahead or is she lost?

#9 Wild bulls saw her wearing red and ran after her.

These photos received over a hundred thousand likes on social media where Zach posted them. People loved his humor, and many admired his creative way of complimenting his wife. Some also jokingly wondered if he will be sleeping on the couch tonight.


Cat Interrupts Polish Academic During TV Interview

Fortunately, he handled the situation well.

Mark Andrew



Remember Professor Robert Kelly? The name may not ring a bell but you've probably seen his hilarious BBC interview. The viral video shows him getting interrupted by his kids in the middle of a serious interview. It's a traumatic scenario that many work-from-home professionals can probably relate with.

Now a similar video has recently been getting a lot of love on social media, only this time the intruder in question is a cat! Apparently, Dr Jerzy Targalski was being interviewed by Nieuwsuur, a Dutch TV channel. The academic from Poland was being asked about the political tensions in the country.

Unfortunately, Lisio, Dr Targalski's pet cat, decided to steal the show.

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Expectation vs Reality of Working Freelance

How’s it like living as a freelancer? This funny comic has the answers!

Mark Andrew



As someone who’s been working as a freelance writer for years now, I’d say many of my friends still do not understand what its really like to work from home.

A pretty common misconception is that being a freelancer means having lots of free time (nope) and that we get to take vacations anytime we want without it affecting our earnings (again, nope!). Some even believe we work in our underwear most of the time (okay, there MIGHT be some truth in that) since we're just at home, not having to worry about wearing office clothes or the morning rush each day.

It looks like some people will definitely never understand but fortunately, we have a few comics out there that explain it with great accuracy.

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Netizens Reveal The Strangest (And Funniest) Things They’ve Believed As Children

“My dad made me believe that peanut butter came from squeezing squirrels.”

Mark Andrew



There are three things we’ll always dislike about our childhood: the bad hair days, the awful outfits and, of course, how extremely gullible we were. Back then, we mostly believed everything the adults said and we paid the price for that.

Case in point, an interesting Reddit thread shows us some users sharing the dumbest things they believed in as kids – and it turned out to be really strange and funny! Scroll down and see for yourself. And yeah, be prepared to do lotsa facepalm along the way.

#1. Japanese-style sleeping.

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