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5 Things To Keep In Mind To Fend Off A Shark Attack

Here’s how you can survive once you encounter a shark in the deep blue.


We’ve been getting a lot of shark stories lately but perhaps nothing is as terrifying as that one about Mick Fanning.

The popular surfer recently made headlines after luckily escaping a shark attack. Although undoubtedly nerve-wracking, his experience proved that humans actually have a chance of surviving such an attack. No one needs to be a casualty if you know what to do.

So what should you do in case you encounter one of these man-eating predators in the water? Should you rush and swim away as fast as you can? Should you just play dead? Or should you try to fight back? Well, there are several factors to consider.

#1. It is better to prevent shark attacks in the first place.


Photo credit: SciTechDaily

Dr. Daniel Bucher, a marine ecologist from the Southern Cross University says there is always a risk, albeit a very small risk. According to him:

“Seeing a shark while surfing is rare; being attacked is even rarer. Going out into the ocean isn’t a time to panic.”

Swimming alone is strongly discouraged. Also, try to avoid areas such as those near river mouths or where dolphins and birds are being fed – especially after a heavy rain. Swimming at dawn or dusk may also attract the attention of bull sharks.


This Idiot Decides to Poke a Sleeping Anaconda With a Stick, Quickly Regrets it

Anacondas are amongst the most feared animals. How could someone ever have the courage to do this?

Anacondas are some of the most feared type of snakes. They are literally big, bad and very dangerous. In fact, the movie "Anaconda" is probably one of the most note-worthy flicks of all time. How could one ever forget those chilly and heart-racing chase scenes all throughout the movie, not to mention the iconic wink of one character after the anaconda swallowed and retch him out?

We guess, this guy in the video below was not able to watch the film. The video shows that the person behind the camera fearlessly tapped the nose of the anaconda several times. We do not know how he/ found the hidden anaconda, but one thing is for sure, that anaconda was severely angry for being disturbed in its natural habitat.

Watch what happens after the person rudely poked the mighty snake:

That person is really lucky that nothing serious happened to him. Oh well, maybe just a lifetime fear of snakes. But let this video serve as a reminder for us all that we should never disturb any animals for our own pleasure. We do not know how they think so let's stay safe by merely marveling at their existence without going overboard.

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Man Leaves Hilarious “Shopping Tips” Inside a Grocery Store

You might find these hilarious shopping tips useful…


A trip to the grocery store can be quite monotonous and boring as shoppers don’t have anything exciting to look forward to since they pick up the same type of items every shopping trip.

But the shopping experience can also be quite fun especially if you get fee shopping tips from “experts”.

A comedian named Jeff Wysaski thought of pranking grocery store shoppers by leaving hilarious and quite pointless shopping tips to make their trips more interesting. Previously, Wysaski did the same thing in pet shops, liquor store as well as book shops. Now, the funny man behind Obvious Plant trolled shoppers with a series of senseless suggestions such as buying “potato chips your spouse doesn’t like so you don’t have to share” or doing a lightsaber duel using baguettes.

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Smart Crow Solves a Highly Complex Puzzle. Can they Be The Ultimate Problem Solvers?

This crow solves a tricky 8-part puzzle and it blew my mind! The researchers couldn’t believe it either!

They say possessing a 'bird-brain' means having no intellect or common sense at all. They are shallow, cannot understand simple things and are just plain hard to teach anything. I wonder how birds feel about that because if I were a bird, especially, a crow, I'd be insulted.

This is because we discovered that crows may be the ultimate problem solvers of all time. In this video we found, Dr. Alex Taylor set up a a difficult problem solving task for a crow. This is the final test of the bird after undergoing months of analytical training. Although, the animal was well thought, the researcher still did not expect the bird to fare greatly!

Watch the video here:

Now, do you think crows are better thinkers than most people you know? Ha! It is really amazing to think that such an animal could solve a tricky puzzle without breaking a sweat! Very intelligent! Now, that makes us wonder how intelligent other animals are too...

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