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How To Clear Your Stuffy Nose in Seconds





The weather is unpredictable and you never know when you’ll catch that nasty bug going around the office or at home. And having colds is never a fun thing, especially with all the drama of having to deal with a stuffy nose, the annoying sore throat, and constant bouts of sneezing. And don’t even start with the struggle of having to sleep with tons of pillows under your head, because a few inches lower and you’d lose the ability to breathe normally.


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Having to deal with these symptoms prove to be difficult sometimes. When cold medicines don’t work, we resort to using a nose spray, a humidifier, and every other known method just to get rid of the stuffy nose. Luckily, this video shows us some simple and effective ways to chase that clogged nose away:

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Source: MetaspoonPrevention Magazine

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