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YouTuber Proves We’ve All Been Eating Burgers The Wrong Way





Who the hell doesn’t like burgers? I, for once, am a sucker for a good sandwich. Well sure I know burgers aren’t exactly the healthiest of food choices but I always consider it as my little “guilty pleasure.” After a long day of work, I sometimes go out and grab my favorite burger to reward myself and kick the stress away.

Personally, I think there is always something satisfying about biting that special bun filled with meat, cheese, sauce, and a few vegetables. Call me corny or whatever but there’s really something “magical” about how all the different flavors perfectly mix together. Burgers are definitely my favorite!

The only downside to the damn thing, however, is that eating it can be a bit messy. It’s a struggle to keep the food together especially if you are eating a big one.

YouTuber Grant Thomspon claims we’ve all been eating hamburgers the wrong way.

how to eat a big hamburger (1)

In a YouTube video, Grant ‘King of Random’ Thompson shared the secret of how to enjoy a huge burger in a less messy way. The guy says trick is actually in how you hold it in the first place.

According to him, eating a burger upside-down can greatly reduce the mess.

how to eat a big hamburger (2)

Apparently, Thompson claims the proper way of consuming a burger is by holding it upside-down. Besides, the bottom bun is usually much thinner when compared with its top counterpart and so there’s always the tendency that it will turn soggy once it gets soaked with all the sauce and juice. By holding the burger upside-down, that can be avoided and you will be able to savor all the goodness without making any mess at all.

You can watch the video here:

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Thank you, Mr. Thompson, for sharing this hack and for giving me another valid reason to order another hamburger soon. Will definitely try this to see if it works!

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