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8 Surefire Ways to Step Up and Attract a Woman





How most men view the opposite sex can be sum up into these, women are ‘complicated’ and ‘hard to please’–big mistake. What she really wants are the simple things, the ones that usually go unnoticed and if you guys will only figure them out then you won’t have to say she wants more, she’s intimidating or she won’t go for someone like you.

It doesn’t even have to be that expensive car or a fat bank account but the little things that can make her genuinely happy. Here are eight of the surefire ways to attract a woman.

#1. Trim any wayward facial hairs


Photo credit: MTV News

Although  a messy or rough image is a ‘turn on’ for some, it is completely changing how you look so trim those unwanted facial hairs or ‘tweeze’ the unruly ones from your neck and eyebrows.

You don’t have to be overdo anything though, this isn’t about being vain, just enough to achieve a fresh, clean look that can make you attractive and pleasing to a woman’s eyes.

#2. Pet more dogs


Photo credit: MTV News

A survey from U.K. found out that 20% of women said men instantly become attractive by having a dog? Remember Hot Dudes With Dogs on Instagram with almost 200,000 followers? That’s another proof that men is hotter with a dog best friend.

If you’re not into adopting dogs yet, at least be extra caring, loving and friendly to animals, that’s a sure way to please her.

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