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15 Horrible Tattoos That Scream NO REGERTS

Jokes are fine, but don’t over-commit it to the point that it sticks with you for the rest of your life.

Mark Lester Celozar





It goes without saying that bad decisions and permanent choices go hand in hand in the worst possible way. Whenever you’re making a life-changing decision, you have to think about it not only once, not only twice, but at least a hundred times to make sure you’re choosing the right one – marriage, house, career… tattoos.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this world that don’t think too much when it comes to body art. Worse is that they often make the decision while inebriated. It’s not that hard to think about the fact that you’re stuck with that skin for the rest of your life. Yes, we have laser treatment now, but damn it if that’s not an expensive solution.

That’s not meant to rag on body art. As a matter of fact, they are amazing if done right. However, should you decide to get one for yourself, make sure to avoid joining the ranks of these people below:

1. Who would’ve thought that gummy bears would make an excellent tattoo?

2. Note to self: Don’t get tattoo from someone who can’t write in cursive script.

3. Throw it in her butt.

4. Hey, uh… Your Pink Floyd cover seems broken.

5. Why’d you get a zombie version of your daughter?

6. Han shot first because that cantina scene is his nightmare all along.

7. That midget body though.

8. Both are devil, right?

9. Is that a fictional version of Texas?

10. Yeeeah, probably not the best example of a 3D tattoo.

11. Everyone can be proud about virtually anything these days.

12. Your nipples are on fire.

13. Kool-aid tattoo! Does it come with mad preacher?

14. Well, for what it’s worth, it can make for a more interesting motorboat session.

15. Irony at it’s finest.

As you can see, getting a joke tattoo is not a great idea. Jokes are fine but don’t over-commit it to the point that it sticks with you for the rest of your life.

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60 Times People Googled Things By Mistake, But Were Pleased With Results

A piece of advice: Always double check spelling before hitting “Enter.”




Google is pretty much the all-knowing god in the Internet Kingdom. It can search and give you any information you want, with everything just a type away. There are times, however, that we tend to misspell the stuff we search on it. And by the time we hit “Enter” – without even double checking – we’re usually surprised with the outcome.

For example, instead of searching “Channing Tatum” you type “Channing Tattoo” and a bunch of tattoo pictures appears. Or when you tried to search for "Ryan Gosling" but you misspelled his last name ("Goosling") and thus you end up with images of a goose. You see, this is actually a common thing. You aren’t the only one experiencing this careless mistake. In fact, people have been taking screenshots of their hilarious search results over time. Perhaps they simply want to share to the world their peculiar experience.

So, without further ado, below are the weirdest yet funniest things people get after wrongfully searching on Google.

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50 Funny Greeting Cards With Surprisingly Naughty Plot Twists

Okay, these cards are hilarious. Check out #8!

Mark Andrew



With modern technology, the temptation for some of us is to simply send a text message or a Facebook greeting whenever special occasions come. After all, it’s really easier and convenient, right?

But no. There is still something beautiful about sending and giving good old greeting cards. These cards have stood the test of time because they’re pretty effective in making people feel special and remembered.

There are, however, instances that greeting cards can likewise be a source of laughter. As you can see on this compilation below, some cards are simply not like your ordinary greeting cards. Some of them can be witty, hilarious, edgy, and even off-color – and we love them for that.

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Dad Recounts His Toddler’s Horrific Poop Incident in Hilarious Facebook Post

Understandably, the father wanted to run away.




Moms and dads do not have it easy. Taking care of the children and the household can be pretty daunting tasks. Parents-to-be should prepare themselves for the horrors of parenting.

A dad recounted an incident that will probably urge some to use birth control. Just when Jesse Mab-Phea Hill thought that he got parenting down, his daughter turned his world (and stomach) upside down. He was about to enjoy his dessert when he smelled something foul that made him lose his appetite.

So I was having a pretty good day. Dropped the boy off at school, worked out, let the dogs outside and began chilling like a boss in my man cave in the basement.

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