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Homeless Guy is the Latest Internet Sensation Because of His Excellent Piano Skills


You can never guess who the next internet star will be. As of the moment, that crown belongs to Donald Gould – a 51-year-old former Marine who happens to be homeless for the past seven years already.

Donald attracted a lot of attention online when a video of him was uploaded on YouTube. He surprised everyone with his fantastic musical skills when he sat down and laid his hands on a public piano.

Aroar Natasha was captivated by Donald’s excellent playing and so she took the footage and shared it online. Today, that video has exceeded 6 million views on YouTube since being uploaded just last June 30.

Watch his amazing performance:

As she sat with the man, she found out about his sad back story. First, she learned that he was not only an ex-Marine but also a former music teacher. His wife passed away back in 1998 and his son was taken away from him due to his struggles with drug addiction.

Currently, Donald lives in the streets and plays on these public pianos in exchange of tips. He also teaches free piano lessons to kids who see him play.

When informed about his video’s popularity online, Donald only wanted one thing – he hopes it will help him find his now 18-year-old son.

Since his new-found popularity, a local restaurant in Florida has expressed willingness to give him a regular gig on their bar. Also, a GoFundMe account was created to help him. The campaign has earned more than $12,000 through the donations of 536 people in a single day.

“Donald needs a second chance at life. He is extremely musically talented and can play or teach any instrument that comes his way! Let’s help make this man’s dream come true. He’s a very sweet soul!” said the campaign initiators about him.

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