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10 Hilarious Travel Photo Fails





One of the best parts of every vacation is capturing the fun moments with your loved ones on film. Unfortunately, some people have failed at taking good travel pictures of themselves (or the other tourists around them) and when they failed, they failed pretty hard.

We have all suffered some form of embarrassment while on vacation, whether you get lost in translation or simply can’t find your way back to the hotel. However, these people managed to take hilarious photos that will make you reconsider your next travel plans.

#1. Wave Crashes Family Photo

Who wouldn’t want to snap a picture of the whole gang at the beach? This family almost had a great photo – until an incoming wave decided to make things look more interesting.

#2. Manta Ray Gets Close To Beachgoers

Stingrays are usually shy marine creatures. However, one manta ray decided to mug for the camera when it spotted these ladies posing for a picture. The women clearly aren’t pleased.

#3. Can’t It Wait Until After The Tour?

Working with animals can be a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, they can also be unpredictable, as this smitten elephant has proven. The pachyderm couldn’t wait until after the tourists have gotten off to, well, get off.

#4. That One Outfit That Keeps You Cool All Day

Finding the right vacation outfit can be difficult for some people. However, this man has no problem showing off what his mama gave him in a pair of barely-there shorts.

#5. A Different View Of The Charging Bull

People usually take photos of the Wall Street Bull as it charges forward. One tourist decided to check on the other end and snapped an awkward picture.

#6. The Overenthusiastic Lady Liberty Fans

Seeing the Statue of Liberty is certainly exciting. However, some people can get a little too enthusiastic and purchase just about anything the souvenir shop has to offer.

#7. Trying To Be Unique With Your Leaning Tower Of Pisa Photo

Everybody always tries to push against the infamous tower so these people tried to be creative for a change. The ice cream picture is cute but that dude’s idea is absolutely hilarious.

#8. Here’s Why You Should Stay Away From The Fence

Barricades are made to keep people away from certain items or places. That’s why they’re called “barricades,” not “benches.”

#9. Well, At Least He Looks Comfortable

This is probably the last thing you’d expect when you look into the luggage compartment of a bus.

#10. Is It Really Worth It?

Kissing the Blarney Stone in the Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland could reportedly give you some mystical eloquence. However, reaching the stone requires the hopeful speaker to lie on their back and stretch their necks out for an elusive kiss. If you don’t mind ending up with some embarrassing travel photos in exchange for the gift of speech, then this should be a great chance for you.

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