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Guys Tried to Imitate Women Photos – and The Results Are Hilarious!

Aparently, men can do what women do and vice versa.


Girls are often seen online taking their selfies, posing sexy, alluring, and teasing. But, what if these stances were imitated by men?

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These are what these guys did when they recreated women’s picture from social media. From models to ordinary girls’ selfie, they all covered it to show how it would look like if males do what they do.

Check everything out! I’m telling you, it’s totally hilarious!

1. The water hair flip recreated using this man’s long beard. It’s a beard flip!


Source: Matt Sprouse
2. That “I’m now engaged, besties!”


3. This guy pretty much nailed it!


4. He is, indeed, a beautiful mermaid.


Source: kjbulut
6. The guy’s imitation is way much better.


7. Who said only women can do a mirror selfie? While pouting and with reflection?


Source: tribblereese
8. This cool dad copied his daughter’s selfie. Now we know where she inherits her beauty.


9. This guy did a maternity photo shoot while cradling his beer belly bump.


10. ‘Cause men can be fabulous, too.


11. This hunk motorcycle guy turned into a hot motorcycle babe.


Source: MotoCorsa
12. No words. Just totally hot!


13. ‘Cause they can also feel sexy.


14. When your cousin did a parody of your picture, here’s the result.


Source: helenishelen
15. If girls can bring small dogs, boys can carry big canines.


16. That good-morning-I-woke-up-like-this face.


Source: ejadams17
17. Celebrating the first day of summer be like, “take it off!”


Source: corbin1990
18. ‘Cause they can also chill and enjoy while in the tub.


Source: pmortsupreme
19. That hair even women will envy.


Source: hairbydaniel
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20. Male Squad!


21. ‘Cause thongs are for men, too!


22. Not even Taylor Swift’s squad can match them.


23. Not only women can have a me time.


23. This is the best photo of ’em all!


24. Men can also do a nude photo shoot.


25. I can’t believe women act this way.


26. ‘Cause men can also do what women do.


27. Another Kim Kardashian wanna-be.


Source: Buzzfeed
28. Imitating girls mean acting a way cuter.


Source: nikvia
29. This guy is evidently hot, but Miranda Kerr is love.


30. Time for some butt grab and freedom!


Source: scott_butt


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