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Man Discovers Woman Secretly Living Inside the Vent of His Apartment, Shocking!





Our home is our refuge; it is that one place where we are supposed to feel safe. So, how would you react if you found out that a stranger can come and go inside your home in the middle of the night and not even know it?

Joe Cummings had been wondering why his food seemed to vanish from his apartment. At first, he thought that it was just his girlfriend who’s been eating them.  But when she told him that she had nothing to do with it, he decided to place a hidden camera in his house to find out who the culprit is once and for all.

Imagine the shock he felt when the camera captured  a woman coming out of the small vent in his flat! The woman steals his food and goes through his stuff every night. She even urinates in his sink!

Terrified, Joe immediately phoned the police and had the woman arrested. Authorities confirmed that the woman had been living in the cramped space for two weeks. The shocking video below shows the actual footage Joe caught in his hidden camera.

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H/T: Dailymegabyte

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