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Hero Cop Saves Comrades By Hugging Suicide Bomber

What a brave, selfless police officer!

Mark Andrew





Police officers have a sworn duty to serve and protect the public. In certain cases, that responsibility could require them to risk or even lay down their lives.

This story is about a recent incident in Algeria where a policeman sacrificed his own life to save his comrades from a suicide bomber.

Talk about a brave, selfless cop!

Apparently, the attacker tried getting into a local police station in Tiaret, western Algeria while wearing a suicide belt.

Source: Reuters

Thanks to the officer’s bravery and quick-thinking, the blast’s impact has been greatly minimized.

In a report posted online by Metro, we learn about Tayeb Issawi, a hero police officer who courageously jumped on a suicide bomber to “protect his colleagues from the blast.”

APS, a state news agency, reported that the officer successfully stopped the bomber before he could enter the post.

According to APS:

“The policemen on duty responded quickly, and one of them, in an act of bravery, threw himself on the assailant at the entrance of the headquarters and lost his life.”

Another police officer, who was wounded during the attack, later died.

Source: AFP

Unfortunately, a second officer who was wounded in the blast later died because of his injuries, the national police said in an official statement.

Meanwhile, a report published by Independent claims that an unnamed source told AFP that the attack was “most likely carried out by Algerian members of ISIS who had escaped from countries where the militants were under sustained military attack.”

This was later confirmed by the Islamic State group’s news agency as they eventually claimed responsibility for the attack and said:

“A martyr from Islamic State detonated a suicide vest close to the Algerian police station in the city of Tiaret.”

The incident is said to be the first suicide attack in Algeria in months.

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Terrifying Images Show How Los Angeles Is Battling The Largest Wildfire In Its History

Los Angeles has faced the largest wildfire in its history and the images are scary.

Angela Beltran



Los Angeles has recently faced the largest wildfire in its history as flames took over the Verdugo Mountains. The fires have covered about 7,000 acres, triggering a state emergency.

About 1,000 firefighters fought the wildfire, dubbed as the "La Tuna Fire" that started on Friday, September 1.

The severity of the fire triggered mandatory and voluntary evacuations near the area.

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Over 1,000 People Arrested During The Great Pyramid Scheme Raid in China

Apparently, it’s nothing but a $54.7 million scam!

Mark Andrew



You’ve probably heard about one of these pyramid schemes. Chances are, one of your friends may have already joined one and have even invited you to do likewise.

Well you have to be very careful before spending your time and money – or you just might end up regretting it. Recently in China, a massive raid against a pyramid scheme led to the arrest of over 1,000 people.

Apparently, the pyramid scheme is nothing but a $54.7 million scam!

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Belgian Men Thrown Off a Flight As One Jokingly Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’

What a bad joke!




Nine men were apprehended by the police after they’ve been thrown off from a Ryanair flight. One of them reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar,” though it was meant “as a joke.” Unfortunately, his stunt didn’t end well for him and his friends.

The said flight left the Zaventem airport in Brussels early morning. It was expected to land in Madrid, but was delayed as the passengers panicked after what happened. The authorities confirmed the incident, which was quickly forwarded to the local news channel VTM Nieuws. All of the nine men were said to be of Belgian nationality.

The airline quickly called the authorities after a man was heard shouting 'Allahu Akbar.'

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