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Here’s How to Make Sure Your Kids are Always Well-Mannered

It’s always a parent’s lingering fear that their kids will turn into tantrum-throwing, ill-mannered goblins that no one likes!

Aside from making sure your kids are well-fed, safe, and happy, you also want to instill proper conduct in your children, even from an early age. But there are a multitude of parenting books and blogs that give you conflicting information on exactly what you need to do to make sure your kids turn into spoiled little brats.

So what’s the real score? While parenting techniques may differ from parent to parent, here are the 5 HUGE mistakes every parent should avoid. Just keep yourself from making these mistakes and your kids should turn out fine.

Being afraid of your kids.

When children don’t get what they want, they wail and scream so loudly that parents often resort to giving them what they want. The problem with this is that they will always resort to crying just to get what they want.

The solution? Learn to ignore their request if it’s absolutely senseless, and while you’re waiting for them to calm down, take them someplace where they won’t bother anyone.

Everything your child wants becomes priority number one.

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There is a time and a place for everything. So if your child needs something that’s not necessarily urgent (like wanting to use the iPad or wanting to play with a certain toy), it’s okay to tell them that they need to wait. Running about to give them what they want will only make them spoiled, and will then keep you from getting anything done!

You don't let other people scold them.

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Let’s face it; you have a soft spot for your kids and they often know this. But teachers and other relatives might not feel the same way. This is good because other people who are tasked with watching over your kids can be unbiased towards them when they need to be scolded. Not allowing others to scold your children can make them misbehave because they know that no one but you will scold them!

Always making excuses for your kids

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If a child does something bad like say something offensive or purposely break something, always make sure you make them realize that what they did was wrong. Whether it’s a bit of time out or some scolding, children must learn that these outbursts aren’t tolerated.

You don't allow you children to be bored.

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Boredom is good for your child. It gives their mind some time off from stimulation which allows their mind to roam free and become creative. So when your kid is bored, don’t just hand them your phone or some instant entertainment. Instead take some time to talk to them and ask them what they’re thinking about, or if that’s not possible, give them something to stimulate their creativity – such as a paper and a pencil!


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