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Another Useful Trick To Remove A Stuck Wine Cork Inside An Empty Bottle.

A surefire hack to remove that stuck cork inside an empty wine bottle.


It’s all fun and games until the corkscrew fails to work or you are left with a stuck cork inside an empty wine bottle. And you asked yourself “Where is the fun in that?” Well, this just might be the most helpful if not the best hack for you.

To put those empty wine bottles to a good use–for home decorations, recycled containers and other DIY artworks, you just need to grab a plastic shopping bag and follow these simple steps.

You don’t even have to be a ‘Pro’ to try this.

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Wines continue to become a tangible representation of the withstanding tradition that we have for generations. Popping wine bottles–present in every festivity, from the grandest to the simplest, family gatherings to friendly dates. Even a “heartbreak” can make someone say “yes” to a glass of wine or two. “There is nothing a bottle of wine can’t fix,” so they say.

It is a significant part of every celebratory or life changing event. Hence, it also pays to know these ‘easy-breezy’ tips which will surely come in handy anytime, anywhere.

Now let’s drink to that!



Home & DIY

Here’s an Effective Way to Catch and Get Rid of Spiders Without Smashing Them

This clever item is a must have for arachnophobes who don’t have the guts (pun intended) to squish the scary critters…

If you are like many people around the world, spiders scare the hell out of you. Those gross creatures with eight scuttling prehensile legs, most of them hairy and disgusting, will often send you running out of house and home just to avoid them.

But what if you happen to be squeamish, as well, and can't bring yourself to bring your hand, foot, rolled-up newspaper, or broom down on the ghastly crawling beasts?

Where its insides could splatter all over your precious keyboard...ack!

spider 1

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Home & DIY

Man Builds Mini Camper Home Powered By A Cheap Bicycle

Its stealthy, its inexpensive, its tiny – and you can power it yourself!

Nearly anyone who's suffered through expensive rentals and the high cost of living in prime cities appreciates going down to the basics and living small as opposed to living large.

Tiny homes, mobile homes, and micro apartments have taken center stage in the last few years as people attempt to consciously downgrade their lifestyles to afford living in the cities they choose.

One man has gone a step further and built a mini camper home that's unobtrusive as it is mobile. And its powered by a most unusual source:

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5 Ways to Avoid Headaches on Planes

Kiss your aviation headache goodbye with these simple steps.

The last thing you would ever want while traveling is a really bad headache. Also called “aviation headache,” this is caused by the change in altitudes as the airplane ascends or descends. It’s bad enough that you had to go through a “headache” dealing with long security lines, or connection delays at the airport so to have a real headache is never welcome.

Aviation headache happens because of the inflammation of the paranasal sinusitis cavities that. This is caused by the difference in air pressure in and out of the body. To avoid or at least lessen the severity of this type of headache, do the following:

1. Take ibuprofen prior to your flight

1. Take ibuprofen prior to your flight

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