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Another Useful Trick To Remove A Stuck Wine Cork Inside An Empty Bottle.





It’s all fun and games until the corkscrew fails to work or you are left with a stuck cork inside an empty wine bottle. And you asked yourself “Where is the fun in that?” Well, this just might be the most helpful if not the best hack for you.

To put those empty wine bottles to a good use–for home decorations, recycled containers and other DIY artworks, you just need to grab a plastic shopping bag and follow these simple steps.

You don’t even have to be a ‘Pro’ to try this.

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Wines continue to become a tangible representation of the withstanding tradition that we have for generations. Popping wine bottles–present in every festivity, from the grandest to the simplest, family gatherings to friendly dates. Even a “heartbreak” can make someone say “yes” to a glass of wine or two. “There is nothing a bottle of wine can’t fix,” so they say.

It is a significant part of every celebratory or life changing event. Hence, it also pays to know these ‘easy-breezy’ tips which will surely come in handy anytime, anywhere.

Now let’s drink to that!


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