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After Hearing the Story of a Baby Who Drowned, He Began Taking Underwater Photos of Babies.

Take a look at these adorable tots as they play underwater.


Seth Casteel used to capture amazing underwater photos of dogs and puppies. Now, the award-winning photographer is on a roll as he takes underwater pictures of cute babies for a cause: to encourage parents to teach their children how to swim at an early age.

After hearing the story of an 18-month-old baby who drowned in a pool despite the presence of 40 people during a family reunion, Casteel was inspired to create the photo book Underwater Babies. He released the photo book on April 7.

Casteel traveled across ten states and  took almost 10,000 photos of 750 babies as they take their first swimming lessons. The photographer successfully captured the playful, mischievous, and innocent faces of the little angels as they explored the underwater world.

“A big reason I wanted to make this book is to promote the cause of water safety for babies. I just want to let people know about the benefits of these classes and that they are something to strongly consider,” said Casteel.

In the US, unintentional drowning remains among the leading causes of death in children aged one to four years. The babies in Casteel’s photos were taught self-rescue, a technique that involves holding their breath underwater, kicking their feet, turning over to float on their backs, and resting until someone rescues them.


Photo credit: Seth Casteel


Photo credit: Seth Casteel


Photo credit: Seth Casteel


Photo credit: Seth Casteel


Photo credit: Seth Casteel

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This One Simple Thing Could Save Your Beloved Dog’s Life Someday. Must Watch!

Help save your dog’s life… learn CPR!

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a very important, life-saving skill that should be learned by everyone. After all, we don't know when it might come in handy or who would need our help someday. It could be someone who we truly love the most and it would be sad and frustrating if we weren't able to do anything for them.

Have you ever wondered what you'll do if your furry, four-legged companion ever needed CPR? We usually see professional instructors demonstrate the correct CPR technique to human beings but have you ever seen it performed on a dog? This would be very beneficial and it could really help save our loyal friends' lives. Unfortunately though, not too many people know how to do it.

In the video, former CEO of Pets America, Elaine Acker, shows the correct and effective way to perform CPR. This is one skill that every pet owner should know.

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Blind Mom-to-Be Was Able to “See” What Her Baby Looks Like… I’m in Tears!

Blind mom-to-be receives a heartwarming surprise.

With the help of ultrasound technology, expectant mommies can see what their babies look like even before they give birth. Imagine a mom-to-be’s joy when she sees her baby’s image for the first time.

But what if the expectant mother is blind? Is she doomed not to enjoy the indescribable elation of seeing her baby live and breathe in her womb? Not with the help of 3D technology and a little help from Huggies.

This touching video is about mom-to-be Tatiana, who was blind since she was 17. She is counting the days until her little miracle Murilo is born. She visited her doctor for an ultrasound and she asked him what her baby looks like. The doctor asked her if she would be able to tell what her son looks like if she can touch him. Tatiana said yes and the doctor gave her something that brought tears to her eyes. Her reaction says it all.

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Woman Shares Amazing Tricks That Makes Laundry So Much Easier

Calling all who loathe ironing clothes! Your prayers have been answered!

Are you constantly bothered by wrinkled clothes that never seem to even out no matter how hard you try? Is ironing your most dreaded house chore ever? Or do you simply think that you could use your weekly ironing session for other more valuable stuff like spending time with the kids?

Well, fret no more for we just might found the epic answer to your ironing dilemmas. We found this video online explaining how to make clothes wrinkle-free in 5 minutes. Note that this does not involve the use of iron, rather it requires two things that we never thought could be associated with flattening out clothes.

Watch the video here:

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