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Lava Erases Hawaii’s Largest Lake In Just A Few Hours





Because of continuous lava flow, what was once considered to be the largest lake in Hawaii has now been reduced to nothing but memory. As reports tell us, Hawaii’s beloved Green Lake (also known to locals as Ka Wai a Pele) has been evaporated in just several hours of lava flow from the Kilauea volcano.

Photos of the tragic occurence circulated among netizens and various news sources. Unsurprisingly, many have taken to social media to share how heartbroken they were that the beautiful lake, which was a popular spot for swimming, is already gone.

Gone in a few hours: The Green Lake was a favorite destination for swimmers.

Source: AP

“The lava is quite hot, so it boiled away the water,” USGS volcanologist Sally Sennert explained. “The lava flows, like a stream of water, are going to take the path of least resistance as they flow downhill.”

Hawaii Community College geography instructor Drew Kapp expressed disbelief, saying:

“I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never even heard of anything like that happening before.”

According to legend, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes Madame Pele bathed in the lake when she came to visit Hawaii.

Kapp remarked:

“It’s really a culturally significant place. A lot of people think that she may be returning to the place where she first came.”

The lava has likewise destroyed other natural resources these past days.

Source: AP

Meanwhile, another online report tells us that lava has also claimed the “ocean off Kapoho” and residents are fearful that Kapoho Tide Pools and a fish pond there are gone as well.

Hawaii County Civil Defense administrator Talmadge Magno said:

“It’s wiping out the island as it is. That’s a pretty precious part of the island.”

Magno further reported that 410 people are now living in shelters and a residential area has been destroyed.

“Vacationland is totally gone,” he said. “It’s covered by lava.”

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