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Remote Island in Hawaii Gets ‘Erased’ From The Map After Terrible Hurricane

“The loss is a huge blow. Little did we know it could disappear so quickly.”

Mark Andrew





A remote island in Hawaii has just been wiped away off the face of the planet because of a terrible natural calamity. As the reports have verified, Hurricane Walaka has erased East Island when the said storm hit Hawaii.

As a Guardian article tells us, “scientists have confirmed the disappearance of the 11-acre island after comparing satellite images of the surrounding French Frigate Shoals, part of an enormous protected marine area in the north-western Hawaiian Islands.”

East Island measured around 1 mile in length and 400ft in width – now it’s gone.

University of Hawaii earth sciences professor Chip Fletcher admitted:

“I uttered a swear word. I had a ‘holy cow!’ moment, somewhat in disbelief that it had disappeared.”

Fletcher and his team have been studying East Island using drone videos and so they were very shocked about what happened.

He added:

“The island was probably one to two thousand years old and we were only there in July, so for it to be lost right now is pretty bad luck.

“We wanted to monitor the island so we are disappointed it has gone, but on the other hand we have learned these islands are far more at risk than we thought. I thought the island would be around for a decade or two longer, but it’s far more fragile than I appreciated. The top, middle and bottom of it has gone.”

“The loss is a huge blow. Little did we know it could disappear so quickly,” lamented Fletcher.

East Island played a big part for wildlife in the area as green sea turtles, seabirds, and endangered Hawaiian monk seals depended on it.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Randy Kosaki has this to say about the sad news:

“The take-home message is climate change is real and it’s happening now. It’s not a hoax propagated in China as some folks have said.”

Meanwhile, monument federal managers issued a statement that assured:

“Monument co-managers are working to better understand the implications for cultural resources and wildlife, protected species and their habitat within the Monument.

“We will continue to monitor the species and islands to better assess the impacts from the hurricane. Based on the data, managers will determine next steps and management actions.”

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Stephen King Sold The Rights To One Of His Stories to Film Students For Just $1

Students will be working on the film, which should be ready by March or April 2019.




Having rights to a Stephen King story? So damn awesome. But you know what's even more awesome? Getting it for just $1.

So days ago, the acclaimed horror author practically gave away the rights to "Stationary Bike," a short story featured in his collection "Just After Sunset." Students at Blaenau Gwent Film Academy in Wales, UK requested for rights for his story through the "Dollar Babies," a feature in King's website.

The best-selling author has a soft spot for students.

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Banksy Completely Shreds ‘Girl With Balloon’ In Director’s Cut Video

“In rehearsals, it worked every time…”

Nobelle Borines



People still couldn't stop talking about the controversial destruction of the Banksy painting Girl With Balloon at a recent Sotheby's auction. However, it looked like the artwork somehow survived since only half of it was shredded at the event. Interestingly, the artist has revealed a new copy of the painting being completely destroyed by the frame in his own director's cut.

Banksy released a new video offering a behind-the-scenes look at how he rigged the frame. The video entitled Shred The Love - The Director's Cut shows how the artist created the shredder and incorporated it into the artwork. He also claimed that the shredding worked perfectly during rehearsals.

The controversial painting before its destruction.

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To Combat Climate Change, New Zealand is Aiming to Plant 1 Billion Trees

Good job, New Zealand!

Mark Andrew



With the increasing frequency and intensity of super typhoons and hurricanes across the world, it is pretty clear that climate change has indeed become a serious concern that affects all of us.

Fortunately, we are hearing about initiatives being taken to solve the problem. Over at New Zealand, for example, the government is laying a plan to plant 1 billion trees to fight climate change.

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