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Teen Voice Actress of Peppa Pig Earns A Massive ‘£1,000 Per Hour’





It’s always inspiring when we hear about people who are making lots of money while having fun at the same time. Sometimes, those lucky individuals happen to be youngsters – in their teens!

Such is the story of Harley Bird, who is merely 16 years of age. The name may not sound familiar to most of us but her voice definitely is.

Harley Bird, 16, voices Peppa Pig.

Source: Rex Features

Yes, THAT popular British cartoon starring an anthropomorphic female pig along with her friends and family.

According to reports, Harley reportedly makes £1,000 an hour (approximately US$1,341) lending her voice to the show’s title character.

In a Metro article, a source has been quoted saying:

“Harley is the most successful teenage voiceover artist in Britain right now.

“She’s also difficult to replace as she’s mature enough to be a great actress but still has the distinctive voice families around the world know as Peppa.”

Well, that’s an awesome opportunity – and a crazy load of money – for such a young girl.

So far, Harley has been at it for 11 years now.

Meanwhile, Harley revealed in an interview with This Morning that she auditioned for the role at the age of 5. She couldn’t even read at the time and so she had to “copy” the lines as they were spoken to her.

Now that she’s 16 and has done Peppa for 11 years, she just “really understands the character” and perfectly knows “how she speaks, how she would do things, how she would react.”

Currently, Peppa Pig is being broadcast in 180 territories and in 40 different languages.

Despite the show’s popularity, it doesn’t always mean that Harley gets recognized by people all the time – not even when she and her brother were at Peppa Pig World.

Harley shared:

“I don’t get recognized. I went the other weekend [to Peppa Pig world], I was on the dinosaur ride with my brother and everyone was giving me strange looks.

“Me and my brother were snorting and I was doing some lines.”

Watch This Morning’s full interview with Harley Bird here:

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