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15 Satirical Cartoons That Say Something About Society’s Modern Problems

Artist Gunduz Agayev has a lot of strong opinions – and he expresses them through satirical cartoons.

Mark Andrew





By its nature, satire, as a form of expression, is often misunderstood – but it can likewise be very controversial. It is defined in the dictionary as “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”

So yes, I guess we can all say satirical content is definitely not recommended for the faint of heart. But for those who get and appreciate it, satire can be a thought-provoking way of conveying important messages.

Meet Gunduz Agayev, a cartoonist from Azerbaijan.

Born in 1981, Gunduz Agayev studied at the Azerbaijan State Painters’ Academy from 1998 to 2002. He has since showcased his works in both his home country and in several international exhibitions. He mainly focuses on drawing about problems he sees in modern society.

However, he has also encountered a lot of pressure because of his strong opinion. He often protested against injustice in his country and, as a result, he was deprived of different projects. He eventually decided to leave Azerbaijan in 2014.

To this day, he continues to draw satirical cartoons and he has since gained massive following on social media. In fact, he recently got featured on Bored Panda where some of his best works were shared on the website.

Check out some of his illustrations below:
















In case you want to follow Gunduz Agayev’s stuff, you can go check him out on his Facebook page or hop over to his website.

Feel free to share your comments below in case you have something to say about his works.

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Ancient Tattoo Shop in Jerusalem Has Been Tattooing Christian Pilgrims Since the Crusades

Devoted Christians are getting tattoos from a 700-year-old tattoo shop in Old Jerusalem.

Donna Marie Padua



Many modern Christians find tattooing an unwelcome practice. Some Christians even find it immoral due to a certain passage in the Bible that warns against marking one’s skin. Interestingly, there is one family-run tattoo shop in Jerusalem that has survived and thrived for hundreds of years tattooing Christians, or specifically, Christian pilgrims.

The old tattoo shop located in Old Jerusalem has been in the business for over 700 years. Run by the Razzouk family, who are Coptic Christians, the business started in 14th century Egypt. Yet the family of skilled tattoo artists migrated to Jerusalem in the 17th century due to the high demand for tattoo artists there. Since then, the shop has been the go-to place for Christian pilgrims who want to celebrate their successful journey to the Holy Land through “a mark of faith.”

A tattoo shop in Old Jerusalem started business in the 14th century.

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Photographer Reveals Ridiculous Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of Professional Portraits

You would really think that these photos were taken from a mystical place or something.




We all have seen tons of great photographs on social media sites. While some of us were mesmerized by the beauty of these images, most of us were wondering how they were shot. So we keep gazing at them for their stunning approach.

Apparently, the images below are a combination of skills, perspective, and sometimes, a bit of Photoshop magic. This is simply the art of photography. Thanks to Brazilian photographer Gilmar Silva, we now have a closer look at how these thought-provoking images are taken.

Silva has finally revealed what exactly goes behind every cinematic shot. Without further ado, here they are below!

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23 Darkly Funny Comics To Help You Escape Monotonous Routine

If you need to break the daily monotony, then these comics are perfect for you!




We can all agree that, at some point in our lives, we fell in love with comics. And because of these entertaining art form, we learned a thing or two about life. In any case, comics are here to stir our imagination and interest. Hence most of us still read them even today.

Apparently, not all comics pertain to superheroes and villains. There are those that depict everyday experiences, though they are sometimes portrayed in a funny way. But for an artist named Alper, his works contain dark humor.

Titled “Laque Comics,” Alper’s comics are mostly 4-panel and it talks about anything under the sun. The ideas usually range from daily tasks to the silliest of ideas, while some bring the concept of imaginary friends. At the end of the day, his comics are downright funny.

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