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Grocery Employee Gets Attacked By A Customer Who Was Told To Wear A Mask In The Store

He rammed the employee with his shopping cart.

  • The female grocery staff told the male customer that either he complies or leave the store.
  • The outraged customer rammed the employee with his shopping cart.
  • Eventually, another worker used pepper spray on the attacker to incapacitate him.

Knowing how the coronavirus can destroy the body and health in general, you would think that most people would not object to do the most basic thing to protect oneself against getting sick – which is to wear a mask in public.

Unfortunately, not only do some people refuse to wear masks, but actually attack others who instruct them to do so, even if it’s for their own good. Case in point, an employee at a Ralphs grocery store in Mid-Wilshire in Los Angeles, California was only doing her job when she asked a customer to wear a mask inside the store premises.

She told the man that either he complies or leave, a policy which was mandated by the Los Angeles County.

The man did not take this well and started ramming the employee with his shopping cart. Someone was able to take a video of the ugly confrontation.

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A witness said that she heard the commotion when she just coming down to the end of the aisle.

“I looked down there and there was this guy just yelling at someone, and then all of a sudden you see him, you know, take the handles of his cart and just try to ram this woman,” she said.

The witness added that the man just continued to scream at the female employee while he was pushing his cart against her.

She added that another woman tried to diffuse the situation and tried to push the angry customer out of the way.

Eventually, a worker used pepper spray on the man to incapacitate him and the police later arrived at the scene.

The video showed the man, moments after the incident, sitting on the ground surrounded by spilled milk.

He was taken to the hospital by the paramedics. So far, we still have no news yet if he will face criminal charges.


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