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Want to Be a Great Parent? Let Your Child Get Bored





Compare your childhood with those of the children today. Back then kids had a ton of stuff they could get into – from playing in the yard, making (not-that-great) art projects, tinkering with toys, running around with friends. While many kids today still do those things, a lot of them demand that they be instantly entertained by a screen in front of them, whether it’s the TV, a smartphone or a tablet.

Parents are in fear of allowing their child get bored that they instantly have a quick fix on the ready to ensure that their kid doesn’t throw a tantrum that can disrupt everyone around them.

But while these intentions may be good, it’s actually counter-productive. Parents MUST allow their children to get bored, and here’s why:

Child development experts urge parents not to rush in with instant solutions to satiate a child’s boredom. Researchers say that boredom gives children some inner quiet time that helps them with self-awareness.

By giving children a phone or a tablet, parents keep them from coming up with their own way of alleviating boredom. This keeps kids from using their imagination to escape being bored.

The type of creative thinking that comes up when a child is bored can stimulate interests that stay with a child for life. For example, a child may start drawing, inventing a story in their mind, or wondering about the world around them. These creative processes are important for developing their minds and imparting them with life skills that they’ll use later in life.

According to psychologist Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, “Children need to sit in their own boredom for the world to become quiet enough that they can hear themselves.”

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