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A Little Boy With A Big Heart. What He Has To Say? I’m In TEARS!





At first glance, Grant can be mistaken as a normal, cute and bubbly one year old child but he’s actually an amazing 6 year old who refers to himself as a little person. Yes, he is six but being born with Dwarfism called diastrophic dysplasia, he appears as little as his one year old younger brother. Most people would assume that they’re twins and Grant feels bad every time since he just want to be treated like a normal boy of his age.

Watch the heart touching video as he tries to let the world know that he’s capable of doing everything a normal six year old boy can do. When I heard those words come out of this child’s mouth, I was moved to tears. Who would expect that a boy as young as him would be so witty, full of life and inspiring?

Watch the inspiring video:

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This video of Grant was posted by her mother Amy Pearce on You Tube. His beautiful words about life, the world and people like him are definitely noteworthy and encouraging. He serves as a flicker of hope and proves that no disability can hinder one person to live life to the fullest.

Now isn’t he adorable? I wish we have more like him in this world.

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