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Grandma Screams In Pure Delight As She Tries Virtual Reality For The First Time

Possibly the coolest grandma ever. Her laughter is so infectious!

Mark Andrew





Many old people tend to dislike technology. They simply are not big fans of video games, of social media, and even of the way movies and music are obtained these days. In most cases, they favor the ‘old school way’ of doing things over the “crazy new fads” we have around.

But then again, there are some from the older generation that are truly exceptions to the rule.

Like Marie, a cool grandmother who gamely tried a virtual reality simulation via a Google Cardboard. It’s really fun watching her as she took a roller coaster ‘ride.’ Her fascination with modern technology will make you smile. On top of that, you’ll find her laughter to be very contagious.

Cool grandma Marie gamely tried virtual reality. She found it extremely amusing!


Photo credit: Mark Nutt/YouTube

Mark Nutt took a video of it and then uploaded it on YouTube.

In the video description, he wrote:

“My grandmother, Marie, tries Google Cardboard VR for the first time. She is watching a roller coaster simulation. We filmed this on vacation in Hawaii (Laupahoehoe) on Christmas morning. She will be 89 in March.”

You can watch the full video here:

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Unsurprisingly, the video won the hearts of many. In fact, it immediately attracted over a million views in just 3 days. So yep, grandma Marie just officially went viral.


H/T: Mashable


Smart Guy Gives Telemarketers a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Tired of those random telemarketer calls? Try this technique!

Mika Castro



Most of us must have received a call, a text message or maybe even an email from telemarketers enjoining us in various surveys and advertisement campaigns which later on will actually bill us for a donation. Some would even promise a kind of raffle where we can win exciting prizes, but does anyone really win from those? Or those are only hoax promises to entice us? Then there is the issue of our time being consumed by yet another telemarketer! Sometimes admittedly, it can get annoying right?

Tired of getting calls from telemarketers, one guy decided to give them a taste of their own medicine by smoothly trolling the caller. Read the story below:

Tired of receiving telemarketer calls? You can try this technique.


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Hilariously True Differences Between Men and Women

Find out the 12 most comical men and women differences! You won’t stop laughing!

Kris Evangelista



Men and women are complex and different, that’s the gift of human nature. They are different physically, emotionally and many more but despite being different they can get along very well. Have you ever wondered about the small and funny differences men and women have in your everyday life? You probably deal with this most of the time.

It’s interesting to find out these small differences in a light context. Below are pictures you will enjoy, but take note that not all men and women are like these. One thing is for sure, majority can relate to these photos.

#1. How They See Themselves and Their Bodies

Men and women differences 1

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15 Hilarious Dogs With No Concept of “Personal Space”

Space invasion? Dogs surely are the masters of that!

Mika Castro



We know that dogs are the most loyal of creatures. They will protect us from strangers and sometimes save our lives. They can make good baby-watchers too. They also have unconditional love for their masters even if we scold them sometimes for chewing on the furniture, or mummifying themselves with the toilet paper roll for the nth time.

In fact, dogs can be too loyal, or love cuddles too much that sometimes they might be invading other's personal space... Just like the canines in these pictures below!

Baby's car seat? But but.. that's my spot!


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