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Photographer Gets Cornered By A Family Of Gorillas In Uganda Mountains

The photographer just sat there, stunned and unable to move.

Inah Garcia





People fear wild animals because the species are unpredictable and we’ll never know what the creatures can do. Encounters can be very risky, especially if the animals feel threatened.

With the hundreds of animal killings and man-made abuse to forests, we cannot blame the species. Maybe for them, the presence of humans is a red flag, a warning sign, a dangerous hazard.

What most people do not know is that sometimes, some species of wild animals do not typically harm humans. As long as humans do not show any malicious acts, animals can be secured and even interact with them in a friendly manner.

In this video we found, a group of friends including a guy named John, joined a trip to the mountains of Uganda to see and observe mountain gorillas. The group was taking pictures one day when suddenly they encountered not one but an entire family of gorillas along the way.

Gorillas approached a photographer in Uganda and did the unexpected!

John was particularly cornered, but instead of panicking, he remained calm and quiet as the gorillas approached him. Because he did not show any scary gestures, the gorillas stayed with him for quite some, with some animals even patting his head and showing some caressing gestures. It was so sweet!

Watch the video here:

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The video just goes to show that wild animals can be our friends too, if only we treat them with respect and calmness. The video was a clear testament to that. We only have one world, let’s share it with all other creatures with peace.

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Dog Shows Heart-Melting Appreciation After Being Rescued From Drowning

Man rescues a drowning dog and gets some wonderful appreciation!

Inah Garcia



Dogs love humans in a very special way. After all, they are man's best friend.

They care so much for their owners and do everything just to keep them safe and happy. But when the situation turns and the dogs become the troubled ones, some people, particularly the non-owners, just won't care. They look at dogs as mere animals and would not bother to help at all.

Little do these people know how dogs appreciate the kind gestures humans do for them. The pat on the back, the walk on the park and even the kind words we utter -- they are all valued by canines.

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Mission Impossible: Squirrel Conquers a Difficult Obstacle Course for Food

It was a dangerous obstacle, but they had their eyes set on the prize.

Ann Moises



Squirrels are mammals that can grow from 5 to 36 inches in size. According to the National Geographic, there are at least 200 kinds of these animals around the world, except in Australia. They prefer to be alone although, from time to time, they leave the safety and security of their habitats to search for food.

These jittery creatures are generally omnivores. They enjoy nibbling on nuts, acorns, berries, eggs, and baby birds amongst others. Some of them also risk everything by invading bird feeders from backyards. They are cute indeed unlike rodents, but some people find them annoying.

To see if he could just feed birds and not squirrels, The Mad Inkeeper set up an obstacle course composed of wheels and slippery tubes high above the ground.

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Japan Railways Build Special Tunnels So Turtles Can Cross Safely

Ever wondered how turtles cross to train tracks? We had no idea ourselves until we were told of them ingenious turtle tunnels.

Kat Lozada



We’re all pretty much aware that Japan can come up with just about anything cute, funny, and OMG-inducing stuff. Once again, they did just that with the creation of...wait for it... turtle tunnels. We know a lot of you would be scratching your heads to this new invention of the Japanese.

Apparently, turtles in Japan like to cross train tracks a lot. Who knew that, right? Anyway, we all know how slow they move, so whenever they cross the train tracks, they are inevitably prone to getting into an accident (or causing one as well). In order to avoid the turtles from getting squished by the bullet trains, some Japanese railroad companies decided to build turtle tunnels where these animals can cross without getting themselves hurt. These turtle tunnels were built right under the train tracks for the turtles to use.

A couple of turtles using the turtle tunnel

Turtle 1

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