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Tiny Dog Chases Google Earth Car, Photobombs Street View Camera





Google Maps is a great way to find the actual street view of certain locations and sometimes, to simply amuse yourself. After all, the camera has captured hundreds of people doing strange things. However, one tiny dog has gone viral after it chased a Google Earth car and photobombed several street view images.

The unidentified dog spotted the Google Earth car in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture. The pooch was initially curious upon seeing the vehicle but immediately started giving chase. It certainly looks like the pup is enjoying the run as it photobombs every photo taken by the camera. However, some of the pictures also show the dog looking a little frustrated that it couldn’t catch the car.

The tiny dog spots the Google Earth car …

Source: Google
… And immediately started chasing the vehicle.

Source: Google

It isn’t clear how long the dog was chasing the vehicle. However, it does show up in several photos so it could have been quite a distance.

The chase was truly a hilarious one that we could happily find on Google Earth. Luckily, the dog was not blurred out of the pictures.

It’s probably one of the cutest Google Maps photobombs ever. However, we’re hoping that the doggo managed to get back home without any trouble.

This pooch is having the time of its life!

Source: Google
The internet is certainly loving this adorable photobomber.

Source: Google

Are you wondering what it looked like from the dog’s point of view? Although we’re not sure if we’ll find the car chase from this tiny guy’s perspective, you can actually see the world through a puppy’s eyes. Google Japan offers a Dog View option so you can see dog-friendly attractions like the Akita Dog Museum and the Shibuya train station’s Akita dog statue the way your pooch would.

The Japanese dog might be going viral right now but it’s hardly the first pooch to show up on a street view map. Another curious pup once followed a photographer around Ulleung-gun, Gyeongbuk in South Korea. The images of the fluffy doggo can be found on Daum, a Korean-based web portal.

See all of the Japanese dog’s awesome Google Earth photobombs below:

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