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Kindhearted Man Rescued a Bumblebee Back to Health And Gets a Tiny High-Five

Humans parental care extends to other beings and it shows in this man’s concern for a giant bumblebee.


Honey bees produce honey which is the only insect-created food with healthful benefits for humans. However, most bees get a bad reputation mainly because of their “sting.” This man doesn’t seem to mind that fact though after seeing a giant European bumblebee in their home.

Bees can sting especially when threatened but this particular bee is apparently too weak to attack. The concerned man then decided to give it some honey to regain its strength. Soon enough, it was ready to take its flight once again, thanks to his savior and the “power” honey of course.

Trivia: It only takes 1 ounce of honey to fuel a bee’s flight around the world.

Source: wikiwand

No wonder this one seemed too hyped up and even appeared to be giving the man a high-five before leaving. Meanwhile, it’s an innate characteristic of humans to care for every being and this man lives up to that. What a role model!

Watch the video below:

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Photographer Captures Rare Friendship Between a Bear and a Wolf

Although it is considered strange to see a bear and a wold develop a close bond, the photographer believes that the youngsters were alone and clueless of how to survive alone.


Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen photographed an unusual friendship that has blossomed between a female grey wolf and a brown male bear in the wilds of Northern Finland.

According to the 56-year-old nature photographer, he spotted the unlikely pair spending  several hours together for ten days straight between 8pm and 4am. The two young animals would sit down to eat together and enjoy the spectacular views for up to two hours.

Although it is considered strange to see a bear and a wolf develop a close bond, Lassi believes that the youngsters were alone and clueless of how to survive alone.

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Scientists Remove Plastic Straw From Sea Turtle’s Nostril in Heartbreaking Video

Please stop using plastic drinking straws!

There's no better way to enjoy an ice-cold beverage on a hot day than to sip it using a plastic drinking straw! But have you ever thought how much damage it can cause the environment?

Drinking straws have existed even before 3000 BCE, and as the drinking straw was patented in the late 1800s by Marvin Stone, many other different types of straws have been invented. Drinking straws made of plastic, in particular, are the most popular as they are cheap and easy to mold. However, these plastic drinking straws are not only harmful to the environment; they can also be fatal to many animal species.

When Nathan Robinson and Christine Figgener were in their in-water research trip in Costa Rica, they found a male Olive Ridley sea turtle with something lodged on its left nostril.


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The World Economies Perfectly Explained With Just Two Cows

The world economy explained with just two cows


For many of us who aren't politically or economically inclined, it is quite difficult to explain - let alone understand - how different economic models work. One can easily get lost in all the jargon and reading through an economic report can leave a person scratching his or her head in confusion.

How do you simplify economics, then? The answer is easy - use cows.

In this series of photos circulating online, two cows were used to explain how economic models work. Using the cows as an example, each photo illustrated different scenarios about what would happen to the cows under a specific economic model. This approach effectively gave the simplest definitions of these models in layman's terms - and it didn't hurt that there's some humor incorporated in there too.

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