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Among Her Many Suitors, Super-Sized Model Chooses A Trucker, Who Loves Her 8-Foot-Long Belly!





Being fat brings in many challenges physically, psychologically, socially, and emotionally. Aside from the disturbed body image that this may cause a person, physical health is also at risk. There is also the commonality that obese people usually have a hard time finding a life partner that will accept them for who they are. This is why many people are doing everything just to shed off their excess fat — dieting, exercising, taking anti-obesity pills, and the like.

But for Gayla Neufeld, it is a different story. Gayla is a 52-year-old woman whose belly measures (believe it or not) a whopping 8 feet or 96 inches! According to her, the pressure of getting fatter by the minute was not that intense because both her mom and favorite sister were fat.

Gayla’s belly measures a whopping 8 feet or 96 inches!


Photo credit: Barcroft

She has learned to embrace the person that she is and with that, she has even landed a modelling job showcasing plus-size women. She has been making a career out of modelling for three years now and she couldn’t be any happier.

This is Gayla at a high-school party in 1979.


Photo credit: Barcroft
Today, Gayla’s eight foot tummy has been described by many of her fans as the perfect belly.


Photo credit: Barcroft

But the cherry on top of Gayla’s life was her husband, Lance. They met at an online chat forum named Bulge, which is a community for those who have a fetish for fat people. According to Lance, the moment he saw her on their first date, he was blown away by Gayla’s beauty. He told Gayla that her online pictures did not do her justice as she is far more beautiful in person. This and all the kind sweetness that Lance showed were the things that made Gayla reject her other suitors and marry Lance.

Lance is a trucker and he absolutely loves Gayla’s belly. When asked if there are problems in their sex life, he said except for one thing, everything is perfect!

Watch Gayla and Lance’s love story here:

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We can really tell that Lance is in love with Gayla just by the way he looks at her. It is so nice to see a couple whose love for each other is unconditional and a woman who have learned to accept herself wholly despite her imperfections.

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