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Funny Travel Slogans All Over the World





Tourism has always been a billion-dollar industry all over the world with more and more countries opening their doors to the economic opportunity. However, with hundreds of countries competing for the attention and destination of jet-setters and middle-class travelers, how does one stand out? Just like any product, one should have a brilliant slogan to sell it!

Family Break Finder, a UK travel site, collected all the world’s English slogans from tourism boards and conveniently placed them on a map. While some were catchy enough to deserve a second look, others were just plain dumbfounding in both good and bad ways.

Travel Slogans all over the world.

Some countries go overboard by promising everything. However, such promise only goes two ways, complete disappointment or utter satisfaction.

Dominican Republic – Dominican Republic has it all
Ecuador – All you need is Equador
Honduras – Everything is here

The words ‘beauty’ and ‘beautiful’ apparently have been the most used words on the list.

Armenia – Visit Armenia, It is Beautiful
Bangladesh – Beautiful Bangladesh
Burundi – Beautiful Burundi
Djibouti – Djibeauty
Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) – Simply Beautiful
Lithuania – See it! Feel it! Love it! Real is beautiful
Montenegro – Wild Beauty
Oman – Beauty has an address
Pakistan – It’s beautiful, it’s Pakistan
Saint Lucia – Simply beautiful
Syrian Arab Republic – Always Beautiful

What better way to win the hearts of travelers than promising them fun and happiness? After all, that is what’s traveling about.

Bhutan – Happiness is a place
Denmark – Happiest place on Earth!
Fiji – Where Happiness Finds You
Gambia – The smiling coast of Africa
Georgia – For the best moments of your life
Philippines – It’s more fun in the Philippines

Other slogans are just too direct to the point, they seemed too boring. It is rather an effective way of getting the message, though. ”Come and spend your money here” in less than five words.

Bolivia – Bolivia awaits you
Chile – All are welcome
Iran – You Are Invited
Ireland – Jump into Ireland
Kiribati – For travellers
Slovakia – Travel in Slovakia – Good idea
Turkey -Be our guest
Uganda – You’re welcome
Venezuela – Venezuela is your destination!

Other slogans got us scratching our heads in confusion. It could be a ploy to pique intrigue or just a bad case of word choices.

Hungary – Think Hungary more than expected
Iraq – The Other Iraq (Kurdistan)
Jamaica – Get All Right
Latvia – Best enjoyed slowly
Luxembourg – Live your unexpected Luxembourg
Netherlands – The original cool
Republic of Korea (South Korea) – Imagine your Korea
Russian Federation – Reveal your own Russia

Whether catchy, intriguing or plain annoying, travel slogans are quite important for every country’s tourism industry. Check out the slogans map we’ve shared above and pick the catchiest you could find.

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