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Foreigner’s Instagram Shares Strange Fashion in China and its Truly Hilarious

“Having lived in China for quite a while, I’ve seen a lot of unusual things.”

Mark Andrew





Living in a foreign country can be quite an adventure. You get the chance to explore new places, try exotic food, know about different customs and traditions, and a whole lot more.

In some instances, you get to notice certain things you might found strangely amusing. The locals may be used to it – or may not have any idea what it is – but with your fresh (and informed) eyes, it’s really impossible to miss them.

Case in point, one Instagram account being run by a foreigner has been sharing some questionable fashion choices (most of which are statement shirts) worn by people from all walks of life in China. And they’re hysterically funny!

Check out the images below and see for yourself:

#1. Pink what now?

#2. Melons

#3. The heart is a nice touch.

#4. The secret to success

#5. No, you’re not!

#6. Wearing that during class? We got a badass here, folks!

#7. Bat Mom

#8. Less and more.

#9. I need this shirt!

#10. I’ll never understand these “new trends”.

#11. Priorities.

#12. No, thanks!

#13. Uhh….

#14. Must be an introvert.

#15. Wear it proud!

#16. Good life advice.

#17. So hipster.

#18. Shark soup

#19. Nope.

#20. How old are you, kid?

#21. Profound.

#22. Seriously?

#23. We feel your pain, bro.

#24. Roadrunner, is that you?

#25. This is actually nice.

#26. Aww, thanks!

#27. Too cold, maybe?

#28. Good reminder.

#29. This is too deep!

#30. Wait what?!

#31. At least she’s honest about it.

#32. Probably not.

#33. Impressive achievement!

#34. Carrot is life.

#35. Make money.

#36. Absolutely.

#37. Try tomorrow, maybe?

#38. Now that’s extreme..

#39. Probably his definition of happiness.

#40. Life goals.

#41. That actually makes sense.

#42. Once you go black…

#43. I know.

44. Of course.

#45. “I ate a rat”

#46. You’ve been warned.

#47. You love what?

#48. Well to be fair…

#49. Interesting definition.

#50. Can’t even spell it right.

In a BoredPanda feature, Instagram user ‘Shuang’ shared:

“Having lived in China for quite a while, I’ve seen a lot of unusual things. In fact, many Chinese and foreigners get so used to weird occurrences and weird fashion that people just generally ignore it.

“On my Instagram page, I try to provide cultural context for why things in China happen the way they do, by explaining some of the history, the culture or the language, and how these things influence behaviors or even fashion.”

For more hilarious posts, go follow No Why Because China on Instagram.

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