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Spending 1 Hour On This Bike Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours





Having trouble staying motivated on your daily workouts? How about if we tell you that exercising can now help you reduce your electric expenses? I know that sounds ridiculous but that’s exactly what this new technology promises to do – to use physical activity as a source for power generation.

Allow us to introduce you to the Free Electric hybrid bicycle – a new technology designed by brilliant inventors from India.

The revolutionary Free Electric hybrid bicycle provides exactly that – free electricity.

free-electric-hybrid-bicycle 1

Photo credit: cyberwarzone

This innovative project is being backed by Manoj Bhargava, an Indian billionaire. Bhargave is also the founder of Billions in Change, a movement that aims to solve some of the biggest problems faced by the world particularly those that pertain with electricity, health, and water.
With this hybrid bike, Bhargava hopes to improve the lives of people, especially those who have little or no access to electricity.

“Everything requires energy. Energy is the great equaliser,” said Bhargava.

With this in mind, his team started designing and creating a bicycle that relies on mechanical energy to produce electricity.

60 minutes of pedaling on this bike can power up a home for 24 hours.

free-electric-hybrid-bicycle 2

Photo credit: designindaba

The Free Electric hybrid bike can provide free energy for a household for up to 24 hours after an hour of pedaling.The flywheel activates a generator which then charges the battery. Thus, one of these bicycles could possibly provide a small village with the energy they need if at least each household does one hour of pedaling per day. Another obvious advantage here, of course, is that this is an eco-friendly way to generate power.

You can watch the video here:

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Those who saw this video on YouTube are mostly all-praises for this unique invention. For example, Dario Volaric commented:

“Imagine fitness centers having these kind of machines! You can go and exercise and even get paid for it! Fitness centers will be converted to human power farms! You get paid to get fit!”

We hope the project picks up and that more countries will use the technology.


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